Five Negative Characteristics Of Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Negative characteristics of Scorpio

Negative characteristics of Scorpio – The determination of Scorpions to achieve is impossible to match! The harshest of criticisms and the worst of competitions cannot divert them from their chosen path.

Naturally, they are quite successful in life. Regardless, no one can be perfect.

Negative characteristics of Scorpio –

1 – Refusing to Let Go

It is nice to be stubbornly determined. It is equally good to refuse to be swerved from what you passionately love doing. However, somewhere along the way, they become so obsessed about power and being all-powerful that the passion turns into obsession, and even fanaticism. This can make life difficult for their loved ones.

2 – Possessiveness Leads to Jealousy

Ah, yes, they are strong in love and in marriage! They love to “possess” their partners, which can prove quite suffocating for the latter at times. After all, every individual needs his/her own space. It follows that they do not trust easily either, especially where relationships are concerned. Jealousy is a failing with the Scorpio-born, often leading to conflicts. Paradoxically, they are extremely loyal too, especially towards their life partners.

3 – Hate being Misled

Do not ever try to mislead people born under this sun sign, or even betray their trust. Scorpions bear grudges for a long time, waiting for the right opportunities to ‘sting’ back. Their revengeful attitude and hot temper are bound to leave opponents reeling!

4 – Love to Argue

People belonging to this zodiac sign are very high on intelligence and intellect. They love to engage in meaningful conversations. However, when they get into an argument, they can be quite loud and harsh. In fact, they enjoy fighting.

5 – Hard to Understand

Similar to other Water signs, the Scorpio-born are also highly emotional and sensitive. However, they are excellent at hiding their innermost feelings under an emotional and cool exterior. This defence mechanism is very popular with this zodiac sign. It becomes difficult, therefore, for others to comprehend that these individuals tend to be hurt as easily as people belonging to other sun signs are.

These are Negative characteristics of Scorpio – Despite everything, you should be happy if you bond in friendship with a Scorpion. You will gain a loyal acquaintance, who will keep all your secrets safe.


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