What Shouldn’t You Miss In Europe?

Travel destinations in Europe

Travel destinations in Europe – Europe, a continent surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean and Mediterranean sea.

First of all, travelling to Europe lays like a dream for many of the people, the largest currency and the leading Economy in the world, wealthiest tends with the inclination from the West.

In order to beaver the opulence of these countries this is what shouldn’t you Miss in Europe…..!

Travel destinations in Europe


While the richest country with the attractions of the diversified landscape that increases the beauty, the Viaden castle build within 11th centuries to 14th centuries, the classy gothic architecture mentioned in world history of architecture. Don’t ignore to visit the marketplaces whenever to visit a place in order to know their native values which can give the idea of the richest economy.

The old historic city adorned by the old stones bridges and castles defining about the history and presence of the rich country. If you are in search or have a keen interest in knowing about the culture then the “Philharmonic of Luxembourg” with artistic flaunts inside concert hall with outstanding acoustics and performers from different parts of the world.

Enjoy the city tour in the Kirchberg district to have a glance at the European investment bank, the Luxembourg chamber of commerce also the other parts including the parks, roads and streets. The entire city is worth to visit which is blessed with ancient culture and modernity along with the unforgettable landscapes.


Nature lovers will find Lofoten Islands highly exploring as it takes you to the natural beauty, it is the northern lights and the midnight sun that you find here also the small villages surrounded around the islands. For those who enjoy fishing will find themselves more busy in catching fishes within the wonderful nature.

Travel destinations in Europe


Cruise and wildlife are common activities for most of the tourists while apart from it the spectacular excitement is water diving and the sea animals. Polaria the world’s largest aquarium is in Europe, that is filled with aquatic plants and fishes, the Kreisel inside present to protect delicate fishes like jellyfishes and the eggs or newborns showing the scenic beauty of Norway.

Geiranger jord the heritage sites by UNESCO with the tourists and travellers in this city located in Norway. Serenity and richness stay alive here within the rivers, mountains, the waterfalls and the splendid nature around. Trondheim with excellence in the economy and urban area ranks to be within 3rd to 4th also known to be the twin towns and sister cities.

Ireland is within the top 20 ranking in the tourists, so you can make an idea about the amazing beauty of landscapes and other elemental beauties of this place. Grafton Street, Dublin shopping wandering down the streets drink, eat your lunch and spend your day around the Grafton street among the local and public, one of the crazy-making travel spots “The Cliffs of Moher”.

Travel destinations in Europe

Travel destinations in Europe – Europe has the wonders for its wealth but also for the affluence of the natural scenes, the castles and modern gratitude of the cities and villages of the continent.

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