7 Tips For A Great House Party!

house party

Parties have to be fun, wild and crazy enough to be remembered for a long time to come.

However, when it comes to house-parties, things are very different compared to a party in a club or a disco. A house party is a more private affair with a limited set of people whom you really want to spend time with. Therefore, it becomes absolutely necessary that you act as a great host and ensure that your house party becomes talk of the town!

Let me give you some basic tips to make you rock as a house party host:

1) Guest List

This is the first thing to consider when hosting a party. Be very careful while inviting people to your house as you want a party, not a ruckus! Also, make a proper balance of people for it to be entertaining for everyone. Inviting only heavy drinkers or majorly sobers, majority of extroverts or introverts can make or break your party. A perfect mix of your friends will ensure that everyone has fun without making the party a dull affair or a nightmare!

2) Party Time

Some people are always punctual even for a party and some are always going to be late! In case you don’t want guests walking in your door when you’ve not even taken a shower for the party or watching guests still walking in when you’re getting ready for the work day the next morning, plan your party start time carefully. For those who work according to the clock, tell them the party starts at 10 pm if you plan to start at 8pm. And for those late comers, invite them at 8 pm! You got the idea, right?

3) Food And Drinks

This is one of the most important aspects for a house party. Make sure there is enough food for everyone and a good variety as well. Don’t forget the vegetarians and don’t order basic stuff for vegans while having a lavish extravaganza for non-vegetarians! Have a balance! As far as drinks are concerned, have a good mix of soft and hard drinks. Be careful though, about guests getting drunk and creating nuisance. Avoid inviting such guests who have a history of being not able to control their drinking so that the party remains an enjoyable affair for your other guests!

4) Good Music

Don’t make it too loud and jazzy the way it is in pubs so as not to disturb neighbours. However, music should have enough variety to cater to different tastes at different times of the party. Starting with peppy numbers to bring life to party, it should turn down to slow soothing kinds when party is about to end.

5) Introduce People

Not all your guests are going to know each other. Hence, introduce people to each other and then leave them to interact further and have a good time. Don’t let any introvert or shy friend of yours sitting all alone in a room full of people while you babysit him!

6) How To End

You can’t ask people to go once party is over, but drop subtle hints that it is time to go now without being in their face. Some of the things that you can do are start clearing the trash, switching on regular lights for a home kind of ambience, reducing the volume of music and things like that. Most of the guest will get their hints!

7) Don’t Drink

You’re the host! You have to stay sober to take care of your guests, entertain them and take care of them, therefore don’t get sloshed and forget that it is you who invited them and not the other way round! Even if you have to drink, stay much within limits and be a social drinker for that one night, which you want everyone to remember for your hosting skills!

Go ahead and have an amazing time with friends. Work hard and party harder!

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