7 Things Guys Must Do To Be Chivalrous!

Things Guys Must Do To Be Chivalrous

“Things Guys Must Do To Be Chivalrous”

I believe; all women want their men to act chivalrous. But in this modern generation, time is changed and there are not many who can work on chivalrous act.

But c’mon, not all men are like that, right? There are some men who are indeed a true gentleman and act like one. Well it is simple; chivalry is a good thing after-all.

But for men out there, who are trying to be one, don’t worry and use these tricks to be chivalrous and win your women’s heart.

Things Guys Must Do To Be Chivalrous- Thank me later 🙂

  1. Hold the door for her

I’ve seen guys don’t care about this too much but hey, this one is a must to do. Be it a hotel door or a car, this act must be done to show your chivalry. Doing so will make your women feel special and good.

  1. A sweet PDA is cool

PDA- Please! Don’t make-out in public and don’t you dare kiss a woman in public. It is awkward and it makes a woman uncomfortable. A woman wants you to be smart and PDA can be done by holding hands too.

So, if you find that she is comfortable to hold hands in public, then just go for it but don’t take advantage of it.

Slow and steady wins the race, remember?

  1. Observe situations and ACT

Things keep taking place, right? So act accordingly. I mean {Picture this} if there is cold outside and you’re with her- just offer her your jacket. {You win!} Or call her when he reach home and ask “Did you reach home safely”?  Or you know what, just drop her home.

  1. Respect

Show respect and win her. In front of her, if there is a lady around who you think needs help, just go ahead and ask her “Can I help you ma’am”? Oh boy, I’m telling you that this one will be awesome.

Girls love guys who show respect.

  1. Compliment

Girls love compliments.

So when you go and meet her, give her a sweet compliment “Hey, you’re looking beautiful”. I am telling you-“Beautiful” is the word that makes every woman smile instantly.

  1. Give gifts

Not the expensive ones but the small ones will work too. Listen- Whenever you plan to meet, give her flowers and see, this will make her feel good. Or box of chocolates is good too.

  1. Do what you say you’ll do

This will make her fall in-love with you and it is a beautiful thing too. If you told her that you will be calling her at “so & so” time, then just do it. This shows that you’re a man of your own words.

These were the things guys must do to be chivalrous. Any thoughts? Do comment below.

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