10 Cool & Amazing Hidden Features Of iPhone That Make You An iPhone Expert!

Apple has always tried to bring something new on the table with some incredible features packed in iPhones. But are we aware of all the stuff this terrific device has on offer?

With a myriad of iPhone loyalists spread across the planet, we are well aware of how the outstanding specs of iPhones genuinely awed us when Apple first launched them in the market.

The magnificent features of iPhone changed the way we interacted with the world.

The multitude of apps of iPhone made our lives so easy that some of us never thought of switching over to another OS or brand.

But are we taking full advantage of this fabulous device?

Listed below are 10 amazing features of iphone that enable users to carry out some magical stuff:      

1).   Shaking your iphone enables you to edit a photo, text, or an email. But what if you’ve hit the undo tab and have changed your mind again? Fret not! Shake your phone again and a ‘Redo Typing’ box pops up.

2).   Run out of juice with not much time in hand to charge the handset? Simply switch to airplane mode and watch the phone recharge up to two times faster.

3).   Make the best use of Siri, your personal assistant and genie, which can perform some great tasks for you such as reading out mails, providing alternatives for pronouncing names, and rendering information on planes flying ahead of you. What’s more? You can actually speak to her! Now that’s magic..errr..Technology! Hats off to Apple for introducing us with this mind-blowing feature!

4).   Using the Burst Mode by holding down the capture button allows users to take tons of shots, ensuring that you get the perfect click of your most memorable moments.

5).   Imagine you’re feasting on your favorite dish and it’s all too messy to select the camera button to capture the moment – simply press the volume up or down button when in the camera app, and voila! You’ve just taken the perfect shot!

6).   Attending a crucial meeting where switching the phone to silent mode is the only option, but you’re also worried that you may miss important calls? Customize your vibration settings for alerts, notifications, and even individual contacts. This way you’ll get to know who is calling or texting by merely sensing the vibration pattern. Alternatively, you can also have your iPhone emit an LED flash for alerts. But be careful, the light is too bright!

7).   Get a detailed look at the calendar by turning the phone horizontally, and there you have the entire list of your scheduled appointments for the month.

8).   Disable the entire hoard of in-app purchases by a single scroll of a button. This comes in handy when you’re handing over the phone to your kids and want to prevent them from using the available apps.

9).   Tired of remembering numerical passwords? Unlock your iPhone using a passcode with letters by making a few tweaks in the Settings tab. So now instead of inserting four numbers, you can make use of a four-lettered word. Any suggestions?

10).   Select the speed at which you can scroll through a movie or song. Apple calls it scrubbing rather than scrolling, the default mode of which is at a high-speed. Sliding your finger on the bar above the video enables you to change the speed to half-speed, quarter-speed, and eighth-speed.

We hope that the above-mentioned 10 tricks of iPhone have won the hearts of Apple as well as Android fans.

If you know of any more awesome tricks, please do not forget to share them in the comments box below!


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