These Are The Ways You Are Wasting Money

We are really enthralled to see the recent spate of celebrity weddings which taught us a thing or two. To begin with, we learned the most sophisticated ways to WASTE MONEY! money was flown like water from fountain in Isha Ambani’s wedding recently and no one batted an eyelid. Of course, the gem-studded Beyonce outfit left us in covetous discomfort. But then, they can substantiate wasting money because they are deep pockets. What we will do? because we too have money wasting habits and sadly, never spare a thought about it. Before it’s too late and you are a Than than gopal, let us remind you of the ways you are ruthlessly wasting money:

You don’t check your mobile plans:

You never give it a thought before choosing your mobile plan. Sometimes, you tend to expand your limits because, who cares? your mobile phone plan should come with a certain amount of free calling and phone data and it should be the most cost-effective plan for you in that case. You can, for that matter, speak to your service provider to check your average monthly usage to change into a plan that perfectly suits your requirements.

Credit card remittance:

Banks will charge you annual fees if your keep using their credit cards but you can easily get rid of this by simply calling them and asking for a free waiver. If, in any circumstances, the bank refuses to waive the fees, delay no more to cancel the card and look for a different bank instead.

You pay for services you don’t use:

The first to be mentioned in this category is arguably the gym. You have visited Instagram pages of those motivated and still too foggy to hit the gym. Well, my dear, it’s time you should have given up on the subscription. It’s just draining you off your hard earned money and you are not even complaining!

You buy the expensive coffee daily:

You probably need caffeine in the morning just to function, which we understand. But those hilariously overpriced ones at the Starbucks or CCD are definitely not wise options to go to. You can, instead, ask your office pantry to make a coffee for you which saves you a lot of money.

You are using an old broadband plan:

Then, my dear, you are probably paying for a slower speed. Just because you are too bummed to change your connection, you are wasting money. Probably, there is a better deal that awaits on the other end once you are done with the contract? You can approach your service provider for faster net speed in cheap. That’s the best you can do to be a smart customer.

Pay a thought to these six common mistakes that you regularly do. It only rips you off your hard-earned money, nothing else.

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