#AKasksModi: Tweeples Tell You The Real Agenda For Visiting Gujarat

Kejriwal wanted to ask many questions from Modi but he was stopped from doing so. He is returning to Delhi.

Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal’s Gujarat darshan is over and he has declared that there is “no development” of the state. As the ‘sole representative’ of the common man in the country, he went to state chief minister Narendra Modi’s residence to ‘confront’ him.

“We are going to Narendra Modi’s house to discuss what we have seen in the state,” Kejriwal told reporters this morning.

Sadly, his convoy was stopped because he did not have an ‘appointment’ with the ‘busy’ CM. Kejriwal’s crew member Manish Sisodia was returned from CM house by his additional secretary seeking a written request.

But the spirits of the party remained high. “We are prepared to meet him whenever he gives us time,” Sisodia said.

While people may be clueless about what Kejriwal wanted to confront Modi on after his own team has sung praises in the past for him (read Meera Sanyal), tweeples gave innumerous reasons (some real and some unreal) behind this eager gate-crashing which did not happen.

Here’s a look:










Firstpost provided very insightful excuses that Modi could have used if Kejriwal remained adamant on meeting him. But Kejriwal left the state after denial. As a basic courtesy, we think, Modi should have asked Kejriwal some chai and charcha at least.

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