These Are The Reasons You Should Thank Your College Roommate For

College Roommate

College Roommate – Words fail us when we begin to find out the reasons to thank our college roomies. Without them, the entire hostel experience would have doomed to failure.

There is always that roomie seemingly a mom away from home, too solicitous to us when we are down, becoming our shopping consultant to help us deal with the break-up woes, she only has made your college experience infinitely better no matter if you had periodic verbal duels with her.

There is more than one reason why you should be grateful to her and here goes the ones:

College Roommate –

She is your best and worst experience:

She both spoiled you and lifted you up. From the random Jell-0 shot and encouraging you to have more chocolates and giving you her best wisecracks when you are trying to study.

For backing you up when you were angry:

They were all ears on your rants, whether it was about the impious college professor or the lecher at your morning commute, she was the one you could bare your heart to.

She hated the person you hated:

Well, aside from the inside jokes, you had a common enemy and pushed each other by the corner of your elbows when they appeared in sight. That person may have been your enemy but your roomie hated them too, because do they have a choice?

She took care of you when you were sick:

She is your home away from home and took care of you in your bad health not any less than your mom would. She ran errands to get you medicines, take you to the clinic and do everything for you that would make you feel comforted.

She helped you study during your exams:

She always helped you brush up on what you studied by reading the notes out to you till nights on end. She deprived herself of sleep for this and you can never thank her enough for this.

She covered for you always:

If it was your turn to clear up the trash and you forgot, she always covered for you without asking for a return. That’s a true confidante isn’t it?

 She always calmed you down:

There have been times when you were too hyper or too cranky but she knowing you inside out, always helped you out to calm down.

She always has been your voice of reason:

And that’s that when you were ripped off your reasoning power being blinded by rage. She always spoke on point to guide you in the right direction.

She did crazy stuff with you in the midnight:

Those drunk dancing in the midnight is worth remembrance.

Reasons to thanks College Roommate – You will relate to all these too if you had gone through the emotional highs and lows with your bestie and roomie rolled into one.

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