Foods to help you be more productive at work

A list of food items to help you be more productive at work…

Soon after lunch, people experience afternoon slump. Citrus fruits or dark chocolates can help you in being more productive at work.

Chips from the vending machine or cookies your co-worker baked are not what your brain needs. Huffingtonpost.com suggests a list of food items to keep you alert: 

– Dark chocolate: When you eat dark chocolate, compounds in cocoa called flavanols produce a surge in blood flow to the brain. That helps you feel awake and alert.


– Citrus fruits: Just sniffing them can stimulate alertness. Eat an orange, and you also benefit from vitamin C.


– Water: Just about every system in the body suffers when we’re dehydrated, including the brain. So, keep a reusable bottle or cup on your desk to remind you to drink.


– Coffee or tea: Caffeine keeps you alert and also boosts cognitive performance, concentration and focus. 




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