7 Yummylicious Street Foods That You Must Try In Your Life

Street Foods

We often get bored of staple and crave for yummy street foods.

And when we want to eat something hatake then we without any hesitation we move to the street food, don’t we?

And we are blessed with umpteen numbers of roadside yummy foods in India. Every other city has its own special food to tickle our taste buds.

So today we have compiled about these delectable street foods that you must try once in your life.

1. Pazhampori (Kerala)

Pazampori is the classic street food which is made in Kerala. This street food is also known as “Ethakka appam”. This dish is prepared by frying bananas which are coated with batter. The taste of this signature snack is sweet and it’s serve at the teatime. It is simple and delicious snack best for local street food lovers.


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