Foods: High On Nutrition, Less On Pocket

Foods that are high on nutrition

Foods that are high on nutrition – To hell with the inflation and the rising prices of foods in the markets, suggests that nothing comes cheap.

Thus taking that into consideration, we are now looking for ways to save money on groceries. And to make matters worse, the cheapest food item is usually the one that’s the worst for our health.

And when you walk down to visit a local fast-food joint, the one thing that amazes you is the prices, but the food is loaded with fat and chemicals.

Furthermore, one need not unnecessarily consume processed, calorie-rich foods even on a very tight budget. Hence, make sure to keep away those ramen noodles and take a closer look at your nearby grocery store for plenty of low-cost, healthy items.

To make things simpler, we’ve given you the selected Foods that are high on nutrition :

Foods that are high on nutrition –

Brown rice:
Rice love, hell yeah but just to save on those growing ponch and bring in a healthy lifestyle, brown rice is just the right kind of meal for you! Brown rice is a whole grain since it contains more fiber than white rice and provides the body with essential minerals like magnesium and zinc. Moreover, it comes cheap and is hardly been affected by the rising prices.


One of the economical foods available on the market, beans are packed with essential nutrients. They are full of fiber and protein and provide you with healthy dietary fat plus their low glycemic index means that they release energy time and again to your bloodstream, leaving you feeling more full and contented, without a sugar or fat break down!


Sweet potatoes:
Sweet potatoes are not just a part time snack anymore but also a great addition to your diet year-round. They are light on your pockets and are also full of wholesome goodies. A typical sweet potato contains calcium, fiber, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C and not to forget the skin, too as it is loaded with antioxidants.


A banana is one of the coolest fruit available on the go. It comes with some loaded health package which is loaded with nutrients and fiber. And you can buy one for just 5 bucks! Bananas are light on the pockets since it is available 365 days a year regardless of season. They are a very good source of potassium and are consumed by athletes since it provides energy via fiber and vital potassium. Bananas can also lower your risk for heart disease, sooth down ulcers, alleviate constipation, help your body to absorb calcium and protect your kidneys.


By including eggs in your daily diet, do not go by the fact that they rake in a lot calories. Eating one or two eggs a day shouldn’t increase your risk of heart disease or stroke. That’s because the whites are loaded with proteins with a serving of egg will give you 11 percent of your recommended daily allowance of protein.


These are the Foods that are high on nutrition –

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