These Selfie Addicted Cats That Will Steal Your Heart !

selfie addicted animals

The selfie fever has spread to each and every person in this world.

Everyone you see are busy taking selfie in various poses and posting them on the social media. Be it Instagram Facebook or even Snapchat, selfie rules the virtual world.

Do not think it is only the home sapients who have been hit by this epidemic.

Animals, yes, animals have also been affected by this wave. While selfies of owners with their pets is nothing new, the selfie addicted animals taking their selfie themselves is definitely something that will raise our eyebrows. Don’t believe Me? Take a look for your self! You will go AWWW so cute after watching these selfies!

Selfie addicted animals

  • Behind enemy lines?

We all know that cats and dogs are sworn enemies. But looking at the selfie taken by a grey tabby cat with three hounds behind it paints quite a contrary picture. I think the cat was really looking for some adventure. Amazing click though,  cat!

selfie addicted animals

  • No, we are just friends!

This selfie taken by the same cat proves that they really are friends, the hounds, the spaniel and the tabby cat. The pose is different though, with the cat holding the camera up. Photogenic, don’t you think?

selfie addicted animals

  • If looks could kill…

Talk about steamy looks! This pretty grey cat seems to have net-practice. Look the well calculated way it’s staring into the camera.

selfie addicted animals

  • Am I really that pretty?

We all remember Garfield! This Garfield look alike moggy cat seems to surprised by how hot it looks on camera! Very cute, truly!

selfie addicted animals

  • Let me sleep some more!

This cat here cannot seem to open his eyes after waking up. But this counts as a brilliant pose for Facebook. It must have see its owner do the same! Turns out, the photo came out really well!

selfie addicted animals

These are selfie addicted animals – Cat selfies turning up on the internet has become a common phenomenon now. Apart from millions of likes, people even offer really cute comments! Way to go, feline family!

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