What These 11 People Want To Prove. Have a Look, It’s Total ROFLing

Have you ever been sleep deprived at any point of time in your life?

I tell you man that is not a good feeling at all. Come to think of it, you have not slept for ages and in the middle of an UTTERLY SERIOUS OFFICE MEETING where your boss is hell-bent on discussing the profit pie-chart, all you can think of is a soft cozy BED! Everything that can absorb your exhausted ass seems the only best friend on earth and you surrender to it devotedly!

Well, here are some eye-witnessed case-studies! Just for you! Laugh On: D

1) I didn’t learn rope-acrobatics all these years for nothing! There has to be a PLAN B for everything! Mine works TOOOO Bloody GOOD!!


2) I am awake! I am awake! Just checking EARTHQUAKE Signals!


3)  Ooooh Yeah! OOOh Yeah! Spank it Baby Spank it! I need it more than sleep!


4)  The Couch is mine! The Floor is mine too! No Trespassing MY TERRITORY please!


5)  You CANNOT STEAL MY HEAD and MY ASS while I am Sleeping! I am smart! I lock them!


6)  That’s our SLEEP METRO! It runs on DREAMS (and on STDs) Saliva Saliva everywhere.


7)  POTTYING is so exhausting man! How much did I eat last night?? Wait, let me take a nap and resume!


8)  What would I do without that nose? My anchor in deep-sleep sessions!


9)  Now that’s the SAFEST place to catch that afternoon nap! Bosses… huh! Dhoondte reh jaaoge!


10)  Yay yay yay.. I am a cute little butterfly, I dance in my dreams!” …Yeah Yeah for Sure!! What kinda dick-head sleeps like that man??


11)  Sleepoom -1, Sleepoom-2 and Sleepoom- 3! He is doing a lead in all these upcoming sleeper thrillers! Rehearsing eh!!


Oh I am so sleepy now! Catch you guys after this nap!

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