Six Countries In The World Without Sunset For Months

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Sunset and sunrise are the continuous universal process which is known to the world. But it is also true that despite the regularities there are six countries in the world that do not continue to have a sunset.

Name of six countries that do not have sunset

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This is a place located in the USA, it is one of the extreme northernmost cities that do not have the common cycle of sunrise and sunset. The country and its people do not experience the darkness from the month of May to July. Barrow is a place in Alaska that does not have any sunset completely. The sunsets at 12:30 pm and after 51 minutes the sunrise again.


It is one of the beautiful countries of the world that does not see the darkness in its place. Who does not know about the beauty and attraction of the northern lights? It is known as the country with the midnight sun. It is during the summer solstice that the sun is visible throughout the day, that is 24 hours. About 76 days of the summer from May 21st to July 30th is the time when there is no sunset.


The distinctive features of sunrise and sun rays are seen in the different parts of Canada. For about 50 days there is no sign of darkness despite the sunsets. It is the part of the Arctic circle and experiences 24 hours of sunlight in summer. Each summer the regions of the country have full daytime with sunlight due to the tilting of the sun. While the people of Canada have experiences of winters opposite to the summers.

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During the hot summer, the sun does not set for about 80 days. People of Finland are able to feel the darkness after the summer days. The sunsets and the real darkness can be seen during the onset of winter from November. The sunlight is strong to bear for 10 to 12 hours of the day and the rest day is calm but without darkness. It is due to the axial tilting of the earth the sunset does not take place at high latitudes such as Finland.


Once again due to the tilting of the earth rotating on the tilted axis relative to the sun, Sweden does not experience darkness for many weeks. It is from the month of May to August there is no sunset. For about 100 days there is no sunset or darkness.


 This country is located within the Arctic circle. The sun does not sets or no night darkness is seen from the mid of April till the end of August each year. Norway is known as the country of the midnight sun above the Arctic circle enables us to see the sun for continuously six months.

These the countries in the world that do not see darkness for few months. People here can enjoy the sunlight, tourists from different parts of the world come to visit the distinctive weather changes.



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