These Are The Sinking Cities Of The World

Sinking cities

Sinking cities – The world never stops to take us to surprise. There are surprises hidden in every nook and cranny of the mother Earth and those are stranger than fiction.

You may be surprised to know that the cities that are highly though of for their living standard, are not as safe to live in. No, there hasn’t been any economical nosedive but these cities will probably fade away from the world map for they are slowly sinking. Researchers believe that when the sea level will rise, these cities will slowly sink and become one with the sea. Of course, it will claim many lives and properties in that bargain. With the changing climate, the risk factor will soar and sink.

We are giving you the names of a few sinking cities slowly sinking to oblivion:

Sinking cities –

Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Amsterdam is the Dutch capital which is located at the coast of North Sea and pretty likely to be drowned soon. The water level is rising in a risky measure each year and it will be 2 feet by 2070. The government has raised many resistances against flood but storms surges unleash new risks for the people and properties each year.

Bangkok, Thailand:

Many of you may have visited this city recently and grew fond of it but you will be sad to know that this city is continuously sinking. This city sits on the Chao Phraya River which is a colossal settlement risked at drowing more than sinking. Experts say that this foodie destination will be under the water as soon as in 7 years.

New York City, New York:

This is the most densely populated city of America which bedazzles you with the magnificence of statue of liberty and the twinkling lights at the Time Square. But sadly, this city will slowly be sucked into the sea, to tell you the Hudson river that flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The rising sea level and tropical storms are elevating the risk of sinking every year.

Houston, Texas:

This city is built on a goldmine but is struggling frantically to stay above the ground. The most saddening part is that the natural resources that the city is inundated with, will be under the sea very soon too. The key reason, as experts believe to bring sorry state for the city is the oil extraction and mass extraction which seems to be the collateral damage of the civilization.

Sanghai, China:

The sprawling city located at the China’s coast is likely to be drowned soon. This city is surrounded by the Yangze River and happened to be a small fishing village in the ancient times. It soon became the most densely populated cities of the world and experts believe that nothing can save this city from drowning real soon. The key reason at play, they believe is that the city is too heavy and the Earth is failing to bear its weight hence the misfortune.

Sinking cities – We can’t begin to imagine that these thriving cities will drown in the sea very soon.

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