Simplicity Beats Complexity 5 Modern Living Room Design Ideas To Explore

5 Modern Living Room Design Ideas To Explore

When it comes to interior design, less is more. A room that’s crowded with large pieces of furniture and décor items can look cluttered and unkempt. Most popular interior design trends today focus on minimal aesthetics and promote soothing and non-complicated designs.

While the simplistic aesthetic is popular in all the different rooms of the house, living room designs are especially being transformed into a minimal paradise. With the focus on textured walls and accent pieces, living rooms are no longer flooded with bulky showpieces and antiques that take up a lot of space and end up making the room look cluttered.

Although artisanal décor pieces are still very much in trend, the usage of these décor items has changed drastically. Now you would not find a large trolley dedicated especially for these décor pieces. Rather you’d spot these artisanal pieces hung independently on a wall or placed on the top of a side table.

The most talked-about interior design trends prove that the world is moving towards a more minimal future when it comes to home décor, especially living room designs. So let’s take a look at a few of the most popular interior design trends that can inspire you to revamp your living room today.

Compact Yet Practical Designs

If you have a small space, your living room design does not need to be boring. Instead, you can add a touch of your personality to your living room by introducing some compact yet practical pieces of furniture.

Things like smaller coffee tables, compact couches and minimal rugs are perfect for small living rooms. You can also try to use up the vertical space by hanging frames as opposed to placing them on the table, using longer shelves, or experimenting with hanging planters

Don’t Shy Away from that Pop of Colour

Minimalism doesn’t mean dull, boring designs. Do not hesitate to incorporate a pop of colour into your décor and have bright, poppy accents in multiple areas of your room. However, it would help if you steered clear from incorporating way too many colours. Instead, stick to a particular colour theme and incorporate contrasting accent colours strategically.

Try to Introduce Reflective and Transparent Elements

Windows and glass doors are great to maximize space and welcome some natural light into the room. This is why living room designs with large windows and glass doors are becoming very popular. Aside from this, reflective elements like mirror details and metallic pieces are also gaining popularity in living room designs. 

Play With Textures

Introducing different textures to your room can be a great way to make your livingdesign roominteresting without making it appear too loud or over the top. Textured walls, couches and even curtains can be incorporated into your living rooms to bring some character and interest to your room.

Luxury Pieces Should be Incorporated Tastefully

If you’re looking to incorporate luxury décor pieces into your living room interior designs, you need to do that tastefully. Too many blingy items in one room can make it look extremely over the top and loud. The idea is to find the right balance between eye-catchy elements and understated pieces to make sure you don’t take away from the charm from your room.

So, these were a few simplistic yet modern interior design living room ideas for you to get inspired by. These tips can help you create Nordic, quaint corners in your living room that will be perfect for unwinding with your loved ones. But, aside from these tips, there can be hundreds of different ways to add a modern charm to your living room designs.

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