12 Reasons To Dump Your Girlfriend

dump girlfriend

Reasons to dump girlfriend – What’s better than falling in love?

You know the feeling of belonging to someone is awesome irrespective of which gender you belong to. Interestingly, the boys are more emotional and have control on them. You must be wondering what I am exactly talking about. So, let me come to the point directly.

Today’s generation is very smart and also clearly knows what they want. Thus, you must also have a picture of your dream girl in mind. In fact, many girls around you may have few qualities that you are looking in a girlfriend. But, it is disappointing that many failed to entice you.

Finally, you are in love and are happy with the way your relationship is going. But, has your love-life hit the rock? Of course, you would have done things to restore your relationship. But you ended up with a fight as your girlfriend is behaving weirdly. As a result, all your efforts went in vain. So, is this the time to part ways and move ahead?

Stop. Remember, to dump girlfriend and moving out of a relationship is easy but balancing it while understanding the perspective of the partner is much difficult. No. I am not asking you to continue being with the same person even if things are not working. But, give your relationship a last chance, before you dump girlfriend.

Therefore, take notice of few things to dump girlfriend and look at the results.

Reasons to Dump Girlfriend

  1. She is Being Too Much Possessive

Possessiveness is good to keep the love flowing in a relationship. But, being over possessive is something that annoys everyone. So, if your girlfriend wants you by her side round the clock then take it as a sign of her over possessiveness. In fact, this is not practically possible as you also have work and other commitments to fulfill. Thus, being around and pampering her is simply not possible. Another point to consider is that your beloved is facing some psychological problem. Thus, this is one of the reasons to dump your girlfriend.

  1. Your Girlfriend Spy on You

Sometimes, love goes into her head and she starts doubting if you are having another relationship. However, she might not talk to you directly about this issue. But, still, your girlfriend feel anxious while thinking about it and thus decides to place a spy to track your movement. We all have a sense that allows us to understand if someone is following us. So, if you have a feeling of being traced then take a call and say goodbye to your doubting partner. As this is also one of the reasons to dump girlfriend.

dump girlfriend

  1. Don’t See Future Together

Is your girlfriend missing from your future photo? Well, if this is the scenario, then you must think about parting ways. There is no point in being a relationship that holds no future. In fact, continuing this type of relationship means betraying yourself. Think, what are you getting from this relation? One thing you must understand here is emotion. Does your soul feel the happiness or enjoys being in love? No. not really. So, why to stretch strings when you know they will break off. Hence, the message is loud and clear that it is the correct time to end this story. Not being on the same page in future is one of the reasons to dump your girlfriend.

  1. She Loves Your Money

Yes, it’s true. That many girls are attracted towards rich boys. So, check if she is also behind your money. The best way to make her accountable for his reason is your bills. Take a look at your every moth’s expenditure and ask yourself was this shopping necessary? Another way to bring her to books is by comparing how you much spent on her and on yourself. If more is on her side means that your girlfriend is hanging around you only because of money. Thus, this is one of the reasons to dump your girlfriend.

dump girlfriend

  1. Your Sex Life is Inactive

I have talked about why sex is an integral part of a relationship in the previous articles. Here also this joyful series of action has a pivotal role. Think why would your girlfriend run away from making love? In fact, we all love to get sexually involved with the person we are in a relationship with. So be cautious as your girl might be planning something different. Also, she may be having someone else in her life. Thus she avoids having sexual involvement with you. All these things bring your sex life to halt. So, make up your mind and move out of this relationship. As inactive sex life is one of the reasons to dump your girlfriend.

dump girlfriend

  1. She Won’t Respect You

Respect for each other is important in every relationship. But, if your girlfriend makes fun of you in public is a thing to worry. We all expect respect from our partner and not getting it makes us sad. So, first of all, talk to her and make her understand that she must respect you. If she continues to misbehave then there is no option left but to say her bye forever.

dump girlfriend

  1. Drug Addiction

Drugs are the most dangerous thing for every human. What? Is your girlfriend habitual of taking drugs? Then, firstly you must take her to a rehabilitation center. Then it is better to keep someone like her out of your life. As it would hurt and can make you fall for it. This is possible as drugs would be the first thing on your mind as a boyfriend. Thus, help her in coming out of this situation and also stay out of it. As breaking up with the girlfriend is the best thing to do while considering this situation.

dump girlfriend

  1. Enjoying More without Her

Seriously, are you not missing her? Well, if staying away from your girlfriend is what makes you feel happy. Then it’s best to call off the relationship. There is no point to keep a girl think about being with you. Particularly, when you don’t feel like missing something if she is not around. This reason is very much enough to dump your girlfriend.

dump girlfriend

  1. Clash of Opinions

Of course, we all have a mind and thus we have a different perspective on everything. But, not coming to a mutual agreement most of the time says the whole story. Yes, having a healthy debate or a discussion is good. But it is of no use if you have clashes of opinion. So, tell her that you might be wrong sometime, but she is definitely not right always.

dump girlfriend

  1. Your Girlfriend is Dating Other Guy

Yes, she is involved with someone else. This is why your girlfriend is avoiding you. In fact, there comes a change in behavior when someone is cheating on the partner. Remember, she will maintain a distance from you and also won’t go out with you as earlier. So, review her behavior and tell her you are done with her betrayal. This is one of the important reasons to dump your girlfriend.

dump girlfriend

  1. You Don’t Feel Like Before

If your feeling for her changed over a period of time then it’s high time you say goodbye. A relationship without fondness is just a waste of time. So, stop wasting your and her time and speak it up. Tell her that the feelings are not the same thus you are ending this relationship.

  1. Ego Problem

Stop and ask yourself is she taking everything off her ego? Also, if you are being convinced by her means satisfying her ego. So, stop nodding in her favor always and say what you think is right. This is because she fight’s to prove a point. So, ask her to live how she wants without trying to make you her puppet. This is one of the reasons to dump your girlfriend.

dump girlfriend

These are the reasons to dump girlfriend – While concluding I would like to say that consider these point and also try to discuss these things calling it off. As these are enough reasons to dump girlfriend.

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