Amazing Health Benefits Of AMLA

health benefits of Amla

Health benefits of Amla – Amla the so called “Indian gooseberry” has multiple benefits.

It is high in Vitamin C, antioxidants, Zeatin and has many types of amino acids, Vitamins   and minerals.

Amla helps in enhancing, food absorption, it fortifies liver, helps in balancing stomach acids, nurtures the brain,  strengthens lungs, eliminates free radicals, increases fertility, eradicates skin issues, promotes healthy hair, flushes toxins, good for eye vision.

Amla also helps in reducing weight, purifies blood, treats insomnia, treats infections, Helps in constipation, lightens skin complexion. Amla has a never ending list of benefits.

Health benefits of Amla

1 – Hair care:

Amla helps in growing new hair from roots, strengthens hair follicles, and increases hair pigmentation. No wonder why amla oils are so popular.

2 – Eye care:

There are many studies that have proved that Amla juice with honey improves eye sight, cataracts and nearsightedness. Amla juice also reduces night blindness and increases vision.

3 – Anti-ageing:

Amla reduces free radicals in body as it has antioxidant. Free radicals are responsible for aging, age spots and wrinkles. So, drinking Amla juice daily can help you stay young and ageless. Regular consumption of Amla juice will also put an end to all skin issues and allergies.

4 – Reduces risk of cancer:

As, Amla has high level of antioxidants it fights with free radicals and helps in reducing cell damage which acts as a powerful tool in preventing cancer.

5 – Makes skin glow:

Amla is high in Vitamin C which will give you’re skin a youth full and dewy look. It removes dead skin. You can also apply Amla paste as a mask on skin, and leave it for 30-40 minutes and your skin will glow from within.

6 – Helps in Diabetes:

Amla is very good for diabetes patients; regular consumption of Amla juice will reduce the sugar level.

7 – Aids in digestion:

Amla is high in fiber, which, helps in moving the food with ease through bowels and also maintain regular bowel movement.

8 – Keep Heart diseases at bay:

Amla helps in strengthening heart muscles and also pumps smoothly blood to the body. Amla reduces the build up of cholesterol, and plaque building in arteries and veins. Regular consumption of Amla’s will reduce chance of heart attacks and strokes.

These are main health benefits of Amla – Amla has unlimited health benefits it’s an amazing fruit, so either eat Amla, or drink Amla juice or you can also eat a spoon full of Amla murabba, or eat Amla candy which tastes yum.

This is the reason “YOG” guru “Baba Ramdev” recommends to drink Amla juice. Amla juice is light on pocket its readily available in markets 1 litre will cost you only 100 bucks so let’s switch to an healthy habit of kick starting the day with 2 spoons of Amla juice.

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