Rituals! When Bride Kidnapping To Eloping is Fun Before Marriage

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Many parts of the country perform the rituals when the groom kidnaps or runs away with his bride. It is an old tradition, or sometimes they run, get married, and return back for the consent of their parents. Different countries vary in culture related to marriages but elopements of the bride with the groom are a fun ritual that the society enjoys. In other words, the bride kidnaps their grooms before marriage and takes her to his location.

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The Philippines is the country where the fun of being eloped is experienced by the girl and the boy. Mostly at the night, the girl runs away with her man with who she decides to spend her life. No, doubt none of the parents will like to see their daughter running away, the first thing that grabs their mind is about the kind and nature of the boy who took her away.

This ritual before marriage is termed as “Tapan” from the Filipino culture, it is one of the ancient practices that still continues among them.

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In India, it is in the northeastern part of the country, Manipur who practices the elopement marriage culture. Even in modern times, about 90 percent of the Manipuri follow the rituals of kidnapping or eloping with their mate with her consent to spend life together. It is known as “Nupi-Chenba”, and at the age of the marriage, both genders are free to perform the practices. This traditional culture to run before marriages ensures that they are in love with each other and want to get married.


Indonesia also has the ritual of kidnapping the bride before their marriage takes place and it is known as Kawin Lari. It is a rare practice when the parents of both bride and groom do not allow them to get married to each other.


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But sometimes it worsens if the groom is not convinced

Kidnapping has always been a crime rather than a tradition, but as days have overcome the rituals of bride kidnapping are customized to be fun instead of establishing it as a crime in many countries. The main purpose of the men and women is to get married and so it is a part of their tradition that couples take the consent of their parents after they both agree to get married.

Countries like Kyrgyzstan have the practice of forcibly dragging or take away women to their place. His family members continuously pressurize her unless she says yes to marry the person. Generally, forcing a girl to get married to a man is his aim, she is not released until married unless she says yes to the marriages. It is has been from the ancient times when the men would pull her woman on the horse and flee away. 

The practice is less as a showcase of love to their partner more likely to show off the masculinity to society.  Perhaps a woman does not agree to marry him she will be at the gunpoint. Though it is illegal no one is penalized or accused by the government.

Some rituals from different countries before marriages are signs of freedom to choose their partner while few are highly depressing and painful that the feminine have to suffer life long.

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