A Hindu Will Become US President In Future!


“That day is not far when a Hindu will become the President of United States Of America.”

The above statement will sound useless if said by a random person but the statement is made by one of the most powerful men on the earth, so we just couldn’t ignore it.

Yes, America’s former President Barack Obama said this in his last press conference as President of the United States. Considering the authenticity of his personality we cannot deny the seriousness of this matter.


Well! the former US president did not make this statement in the air. The seriousness of his statement was seen during the swearing-in ceremony of President Donald Trump. We all remember that how his ceremony was dominated by Indian cultural programs.


There was a time when it was impossible for an Indian or Hindu to become the US president, but seeing the present scenario nothing seems impossible, yes it is quite tough and might take few more year to happen but it is not impossible. A large number of India are already living in the US and they have good interaction with the local people of US. From business to administration, Indians in the US are doing very well in various fields. Due to their behaviour and the amazing ability to assimilate them in any culture, Indian are very popular in the world.


On the other hand, as far as Indo-Americans are concerned, even the newly elected President Trump appreciated their contribution in the development of the United States during his presidential speech. Now, you can see how the former and even the present US president repeatedly praises the Indians and their contribution to America’s development. It also reveals the strength and popularity of Indians in the US

It is worth mentioning that in his last press conference in the White House, Obama addressing the American public said, “I hope that in the future, America’s President can be of any woman, Hindu, Jewish or Latin American community.”


While Obama was referring to all, he said that America offers equal opportunity to all. The person who has the ability to handle the biggest position should leave the race and caste behind and start working on the path of success.

Obama mentioning the particular word “Hindu” in his Farewell Speech is very important in itself. Well! let us tell you that by Hindu he meant it for all the Indians. That is, any Indian can become the President of America in the future. But they did not mention any Chinese or Arab origin for this.

It has been noticed recently that there has been a lot of change in the attitude of the American administration towards India and Hinduism.

This change has been seen in India since Modi formed his government in the centre. We really appreciate the way Modi has changed India’s image in a positive way. Today, all the nations see India as one of the strongest centres of power.

The celebration of all Hindu and Indian rituals and festivals in the white house is itself a very big thing.

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