Requirements for Indians that Want to Travel to Turkey

Requirements for Indians that Want to Travel to Turkey

Turkey is a country that has a peculiar geographical location. The county is located in between the two continents. It lies partly between Southern Europe and Western Asia. As an Indian, you might want to visit the transcontinental nation for business or tourism.

Visiting Turkey from India requires a visa. India can apply for the Turkey electronic visa online. This article explains how to acquire a Turkey visa for Indians and the requirement for traveling to Turkey.

The e-visa application and processing are fast and comfortable as Indian applicants do not need to visit a Turkey embassy. However, the e-visa is only valid for a stay of one month for both business and tourism visits.

Steps in Applying for Turkey online visa

Indians who have an international passport can apply for the Turkey online visa in a pretty short process. The process involved is;

  • Visit the website and complete the Turkey online visa application form.

The first process in applying for the online visa requires you to visit the stipulated website to complete the application form. The form requests you to submit information such as name, date of birth, place of birth, passport number, passport issue, expiry date, email address, and phone number. Applicants are also expected to submit the intended day of entering Turkey and answer some security questions. All entries must be checked for accuracy before submission.

  • Pay the e-visa application fee online.

After filling the online form, you pay the e-visa application fee. You can pay the fee using a credit or debit card.

  • Apply for processing

After making the e-visa application payment, you can proceed to apply for processing and review. The e-visa is always processed within 24 hours of submission. However, if urgent, you can use the priority service, which gets your application processed within 1 hour. After approval, the visa goes to your email address, and then you can then print out your visa.

Eligibility for Turkey e-visa application

Indian applicants who want to apply for the Turkey e-visa must meet the eligibility requirement. The first requirement for a Turkey e-visa is to plan to visit Turkey for business or tourism.

The second requirement to qualify for the e-visa is a valid visa or residence permit from some European countries. Indians can use a valid visa issued by any United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, and a Schengen member state to apply for Turkey e-visa.

All other visa applicants that don’t meet the above requirement cannot apply for the e-visa. Such applicants are expected to apply for a Turkey visa through a diplomatic mission.


Applying for a Turkey visa for Indians can be done seamlessly online. However, the purpose of the visit must be for tourism or business. For other purposes such as transit, education, and working visitors must go to the Turkey embassy to apply for a visa.

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