10 Most Hilarious Things Every Father Might Have Said For Our Outfits

hilarious things for our outfits

Hilarious things for our outfits – With the growing trend of fashion, girls try a lot of different fashionable outfits. And we all love to show our brand new outfits to our beloved dads. Isn’t it!! Yes, it is!

Dads to our surprise, hilariously respond looking at our outfits 😉 I know, now many of you could actually relate to this!

So here we present you some really Hilarious things for our outfits that dads say about their lovely daughters outfit.

Hilarious things for our outfits

  1. Roohi, when you sent so much on your dress you must have got that back done with some extra bugs.

This was what papa said on looking at my low back dress.! Papa, you gotta upgrade.

  1. Padhne likhne wale bache, keep it simple.!!

Matlab, we shouldn’t get dressed up well or what papa!

  1. Are you wearing that for work or going to casually meet up your friends!

Yes, papa I am wearing this for work. And why do you see my dress to be an informal one! Ahh, I pity myself.

  1. Why are you wearing a towel!?

That was his reaction looking at my so-trendy and so-in-fashion tube top

  1. I think, it would be better to pair up your mini frock with a pair of stockings!!

Papa, that’s the way that it has to be worn. And please that is not a punjabi suit.

  1. Dad, look at my ripped jeans! They look cool on me right! Ma,

You really need to go shopping for good pants, I see your pant is torn. Dad! It isn’t torn or spoilt. That is the trend.

  1. Beta, peechhe se sab dikh raha hei! 

That was him, on looking at my gagra with a deep back slit. Oh dad, please that isn’t some kind of the so called ‘wardrobe malfunction’.

  1. Isme kapda kaha hei! And you spent 5000 on it !!

Dad!It is an branded one Don’t you know how much the branded fabrics cost!

  1. Beta, baaki ka kaha hei!!

(where is the rest of your dress)

Dad! Do you mean the rest of this outfit. This is an one piece outfit papa.

  1. I don’t understand why you love wearing shirt that are meant for men!

Dad, this is not a men’s shirt. This is the trend of the season. Papa, I really think you need a wifi to upgrade yourself.

So, these were some really Hilarious things for our outfits that dads say or comment about our outfits. Am pretty sure that many of you could relate to it. After all, dads love to make some fun with their beloved beti and not that they are really stereo typed.

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