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skin health

Skin health – Healthy skin and healthy body are necessary for a better lifestyle. The skin is the outer portion of the body and therefore it requires more care to maintain the skin. In order to attain the so-called healthy skin, it becomes necessary to treat and feed healthy diets. The healthy diets you should include are vitamins and proteins are the main elements that should be added to the diet.

Proteins are important for the reoccurrence of the living cells of the skin, which is produced by the collagen. Collagen leads to the formation and function of the skin with the help of vitamin C in the body.

Signs of Skin Damages

Deficiency of protein can lead to the damages in the skin. Anti-ageing can be treated with the presence of protein in the body, Sunburn or tanning can be also treated with proper intake of proteins and vitamins. Wrinkles are also seen after you cross 35 years of age slowly you find dark pigments on the skin.

So, few people use various cosmetics and natural remedies to improve the skin health, working internally to improve skin health is wiser than external applying of different cosmetic products or remedies.

Protein is taken in the form of food, the amino acid is produced by the breaking down of the food in the intestine within the stomach. The cells of the body attain the amino acids according to their requirement that enables to develop the skin structures as mentioned earlier, it builds antibodies, enzymes and blood cells.

Best Protein Food for Skin:

So protein is required by the body for cells and the foods that are the good source of protein to the body are

Egg White Protein: Dry skin is a common problem, so a natural remedy can make your work easier. Lack of skin moisture? Eat white eggs, an outer portion of the eggs that helps in providing moisture to the body. Fatty acids of the outer portion of the egg are the main reason for the intake and producing moisture.

Soya Protein: Vitamin E is present in soy protein, which helps you in removing the dead skin and building new structures of tissues and cells on the skin. A high protein and high fibre that also helps in building good health.

Meat: The skin requires zinc for the development of the soft skin and reduces damages from the skin. The meat contains contain zinc which improves the function of the sebaceous gland for better skin. Meat is a type of protein that not only improves skin health but also helps in proper mass or muscle development of your body without fat.

skin health

Lack of protein in the Body

You should be careful about the lack of protein within your body which may lead to the dryness of the skin but furthermore, the deficiency will lead to the breaking of nails and also damages your hair.

skin health

Protein is high in fibre which not only provides a healthy skin but at the same time gives you a strong body without fats.

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