This is How Women Who Love To Drive Are Trolled By Men

In a common belief, women don’t make good drivers or good managers and the gender stereotyping has gone to a hilarious low that women are only associated with cooking whereas the greatest chefs are mostly men. This time a time and age when the barriers of gender roles are blurring and people are doing what they are good at but men will be men. They are downright jealous and insecure sometimes if their women are more adept at the so called ‘masculine jobs’, take for instance, driving. In a middleclass household, a girl would receive a lot of side eyes if she wants to be independent, forget driving. Tell me clearly, how many examples of there of women drivers who are breadwinning from it? hardly one in India but in western or other Asian countries, this is commonplace. Women are subjected to ruthless trolling if they love to drive and here are the likes:

It’s a joke in itself for them men:

Well, it is a template belief in men that women can’t drive so they consider the very sentence as a joke. it’s time their bubble should be burst. hmmm!

This is not a toy car you:

So, men obviously think women are not serious about it and never leave an opportune moment unused to remind them that they are well past their adolescence and it is not a toy car they are driving. Wellm dear men, if the woman has been issued a license, it is for a reason, she passed the test by driving a REAL car, not a toy car you.

This is not a ramp:

We love to take pictures, ramp or no ramp. Men troll women mostly because they take more pictures of them driving than doing the actual driving. They pictures are for social media purpose and we can’t tread the amount of attention in the forms of likes and comments for anything mister, so better you mind your own business.

Even the dog will refuse to board your car:

Men think that our brains don’t function in right order and we will press the accelerator in the place of brake. Women love to take their pets along wherever they go but men would warn their women not to take them as they value their lives too, so what if they can’t voice their opinion and pledge unquestioned allegiance?

Hey your make up will rub off:

Make sure your make up doesn’t ruin while you are driving and if you are trying to apply a lipstick on the go, the steering wheel will not move on its own or assume life so do whatever at your own peril. Men think women are totally baffled when they are driving and more concerned about their make-up.

Men generally think women lack hardiness and they have strained nerves while holding the steering wheel hence they make worse drivers. There is no justification of this logic but men will be men. What could one do?



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