Power Walking – Struggles You Face When You Are A Fast Walker

Power Walking

Power Walking – “Power walker” is the term used to ease on the originally coined term fast walker. It plays with people’s mentality making them think it helps them remain fit.

However, fast walkers are often seen as a nuisance when they are part of a group, since not all people can match their steps.

In case you are one of the power walkers, you must be well aware about it. Suppose you have your doubts, go through the below pointers to verify the same.

First, the very obvious one, which is you are always several steps ahead of everyone who walks alongside you.

Be it your friends, elders in the family or even children; they struggle to catch up to you.

Power Walking –


Your expense tends to increase, as you are required to change your footwear every 3-4 months.


As long as the climate is winter or rainy, you face less inconvenience. But on summers, you find yourself drenched in sweat for the amount of effort you put to reach to your destination. “Sweatman” becomes your moniker for the time period.


You ‘hate’ people (yes, you read it right), who walk slower than you or add up as a blockade while you walk at your own pace. Their slow speed throws you off your walking rhythm, which is unacceptable to you.


“Excuse me” and “sorry” are something that comes as an art to you. You use them freely while walking in crowded place, as brushing against people is a common occurrence.


You often step on other people’s heels, thanks to your long strides. You immediately end up apoligising.


You compete with Google Maps. If your phone shows a destination as 15 minutes ahead, you try to reach there within 10 minutes.


Regardless of your occasional tripping, you are proud of your walking speed. “Punctual is my middle name” is your defense.

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