10 Things An Overweight Woman Is Tired Of Hearing!


They say size doesn’t matter, but still keep on telling you 100 Things on how to lose weight and bla bla.

Sometimes you just want to say Ok shut up, I know what I need to do about my weight.

Your body is your body and you know how to take care of it, sometimes you just need to calm yourself down and just breathe, even if the air is filled with only and only free advice from people all around you…

There are probably so many things, an overweight woman is tired of hearing, so today I list down 10 things an overweight woman must have heard from people around most of the time and is just too tired of hearing..

(Based on my own personal experiences too, wink wink)

You’d look so pretty if you lose some weight!

I don't care

So you mean I am not pretty now?

Hey why don’t you try this exercise? It really works!!

Still don't care

Hey why don’t you just disappear?

Get slim so you can fit into your wedding dress!

Tu shadi kar

And this image says it all!

Bahar ka Khana chod de, Apne ap patli ho jayegi!

junk food

Can I eat you instead and finish this once for all?

Just avoid rice, potatoes – you’ll be there.

never will

It’d be better if I avoid you…

You look pretty, Have you lost weight?

won it

My life’s only motive is now fulfilled!

You are actually not ‘that’ Fat!

dancing with joy

Let me dance but wait first tell me what do you mean by ‘That’ fat?

Hey try this diet, it really worked for my friend…


Yawn again!

Lose weight, You’d actually feel nice about yourself!

Need a drink

I feel nice about me all the time, trust me all the time!

You should try wearing black mostly, it makes you look slimmer…

I am awesome

You should try to keep quiet, it will make you look intelligent…

Well it’s not like we hate your advice and suggestions but trust me hearing the same damn thing from everyone around most of the time just makes us cringe.

So hey all plus-sized beauties, lose weight when you feel like, if you actually feel like and till then enjoy yourself, your food and everything around you. And as they say, beauty comes in all sizes and we are just blessed with too much cuteness 😉

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