Pizza Deliverers Of Reddit Share The Craziest Thing They Experienced While Delivering Pizza!

Pizza Delivery Stories

Pizza Delivery Stories – There are many “Pizza Delivery” stories that we have no idea about. So a Reddit user asked a question to all the Pizza Deliverers about it and their answers will either make you laugh or astonish you.

Here’s what they said Pizza Delivery Stories –

Pizza Delivery Stories

  1. Not to me, but another driver. Delivery note asked for a good looking driver. So of course everyone wants the delivery. When the guy gets to the house there is an older couple who invite him in. He goes in and they have their special needs daughter dressed in lingerie and ask him if he will take her virginity. He noped out of there real quick.
  2. This girl I worked with used to deliver pizzas. I asked her what the weirdest request was, and she told me that some guy asked her to spit on the pizza for a larger tip. She spit all over it…
  3. Naked door answering. Never a nice experience.
  4. Well I was a pizza delivery woman, but here’s my story. Delivered in a really dodgy area. In hindsight, I was nuts to do it. The day this happened I was dropping one of the young girls home. She was bored so decided to stay with me till I’d done all the deliveries. Last delivery a guy answers in his boxers. Really creepy. Asked me to come in and out it on the table. My store didn’t have a policy on this, but as a woman I didn’t do this. I stated against policy, he started getting really aggressive and started trying to drag me into the house. I was losing the battle when my coworker started on the horn of my car. He then let me him I ran to my car and we went back to the store, me crying hysterically.
  5. I was dropping a pizza off. This big ol’ guy who appeared to be in his 60’s opens the door in a bathrobe. And tells me to come back after work and he’ll make my tip better. Apparently this guy was a notorious pervert and since I’m not too big into having sex or getting raped by older men, I opted out of that deal. I am a male also.
  6. I once had a shotgun pointed at my face after I knocked on the door. This was pre cell phone days and none of the houses on the street were marked with addresses. I picked the wrong one.
  7. Deliver pizza to the south side, guy is outside, the door wide open give him pizza and while I count the money in my car, doors locked of course I look in my mirror see random dude come and they shake hands but like a weird way then both men leave, the guy never walks into the house, I don’t think it was his house and I may have witnessed a drug deal.
  8. Grown man dancing in his living room to party in the USA by Miley Cyrus while his mom was asleep…..didn’t even leave a tip.
  9. I had to fight a guy off after delivering a pizza. He was very drunk and thought I was a taxi so he kept on trying to get in my car. I literally kicked him out of the passenger side and sped off into the night passenger door open until the next hard right.
  10. I’ve delivered pizzas for 8 years. I’ve seen it all. People fucking, people doing drugs, naked people, people arguing…you name it I’ve seen it. But to this day by far the most awkward thing for me is when the little kid answers the door and just stares at you. Just stares with those beady little kid eyes like they’re just looking deep into your soul. And then the parents finally realize that you have their dinner and then they have to look around for money for 5 minutes while this tiny little child is just giving you this stare down to end all stare downs, their eyes never wandering. The parents finally find the damn money and come to the door and they’re all like “Oh Johnny did you say hi to the nice man?” And the stare continues.

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