Why Parenting A Dog In India Is Difficult ?

Parenting a dog – When you go to villages you will see cows, buffaloes and dogs and goats are like family members. They are being taken care of the most.

On the other hand, when it comes to the cities, we often stick to dogs or cats as a pet due to space issues you think. But still, even if parenting a dog is difficult, there are dog needs which are not fulfilling-

Parenting a dog –

1 – Difficult Dog Walks

Dogs are usually not so trained and face difficulty in socializing. They are been kept in flats or particularly in-house, so when they are taken out, they become aggressive. These situations are sometimes mishandled by the owner. You find so many other dogs barking from here and there and you are in the middle of it with your dog. Another situation is other humans looking at your dog with anger or sometimes saying harsh words as well. Dogs are not allowed in cabs, even auto rickshaws say no to dogs, metro and other public transport.

Parenting a dog

2 – Lack of training

This point is valid for both the dog and the owner. Dogs are not being trained especially if it is a small breed. Even the guard dogs are sometimes or I would rather say most of the times not being taken care of well.  Dogs become depressed when left alone, they are bored by the loss of energy and active status they need. Owners do not know how to react in difficult situations with their dog. They are not ready for the emergency scenarios like first-aid, encounter with another dog, deal with anxiety issues and a lot like these.

3 – Health concerns

Dogs need a monthly medical check-up and the owners need expert advice on how to treat your dog. Common issues like ticks, fever and vomit need not be ignored. But, we do not notice the dog signs or are not able to read when they are sick. Dogs pretend to be aloof when they are not well and we think otherwise. De-worming, ticks injection and everything need to have on time consequences of which is really bad.

Parenting a dog

4 – Food habits

Anything which human can eat does not necessarily mean dogs can also digest. For example, onion, tomato, apple grapes are some of the few foods that cannot be consumed by the dogs. However, I have seen a lot of people ignoring these facts and keeping their dog on their diet. The reason is simply that they cannot do special something for a dog like a special diet, special bed etc.

5 – Family members hurdle

Anyone of the family member would be there saying curse words to the dog or just hate the dog. These are the members who never want the dog to be treated as family members. They are the ones saying “give them breadcrumbs” or “give them old clothes” or other statements like this. It is quite impossible to make them understand dog love. On the other hand, when they see a cow, they are all human or maybe more than it by showing respect towards the cow and teaching the young ones to do the same.

Parenting a dog

6 – Obsession with foreign breeds

I simply can’t find the logic of having a foreign breed and showing them off over the street when on the other hand, Indian breeds are being killed on the streets. They are the ones on the streets living life as hell, picking up food from the garbage and surviving under tough conditions. This is what we have provided them being superior amongst all.

7 – Adopt don’t shop

Parenting a dog – Start adopting street dogs through registered shelters and give a good life to one soul. Do not discriminate between female, male, foreign and Indian – just try to spread love and joy. And this bundle of love will surely make your life worth living.

Parenting a dog

Parenting is real difficult task- be it the human kids or the pets. Let’s just start making this planet worth living for every creature no matter how small or big it is. Start adopting street dogs through registered shelters and give a good life to one soul. Do not discriminate between female, male, foreign and Indian – just try to spread love and joy.

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