Old Hollywood Celebrities With Jaw-Dropping Trendy Houses

Celebrity houses have been iconic places of interest due to their grand architecture and luxury. Parties held by the celebrities in palaces or estates of old Hollywood celebrities are always desirable but remain as a dream. 

The houses reflect the thoughts and achievements that they pulled throughout their career in Hollywood. Views of the large green area to the adorning ornate of the interiors all remain iconic worldwide. 

Old Hollywood celebrities with trendy houses

Houses of celebrities, old Hollywood actors have never lost their precedence after decades. Some of the trendy houses are as follows:

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Graceland Estate

The House of the famous Elvis Presley is located in an area of 5.6 hectares, Memphis Tennessee. The grand Graceland Estate is now a museum, it was once owned by the singer and actor. Apart from many bedrooms and bathrooms, his music room is an attraction. The exterior of the house is surrounded by oak trees, a two-storied structure with the style inspired by the Colonial Revival. 

In 1960 he added a new space known as the jungle room that has a beautiful waterfall which was converted to his studio. Moody Blue was one of the recordings that he had done in this studio. 

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Pink Fair and Fairbanks Estate

Compared closely to the White House, the Pickfair is one of the magnificent designed estates of the 1920s. The home of Fairbanks Estate who was known as the king of Hollywood. Pinkfair was the name of the Old Hollywood actress popular in the industry. The area of 18 acres of land in the city of Beverly hill, California. The estate was built for Lee Allen Phillips as a country home later sold to Douglas Fairbanks. 

Interiors with beautiful furniture inspired by the French and English made of hardwood. Fine textures of mahogany were in the attraction in the Old style salon and his bar. Many memories of gala parties are still history in this Fairbanks Estate. 

House of Marlyn Monroe

Among her 43 houses, the last property 12305 fifth Helena Drive, Brentwood was the most popular. The home is located in the 2,900 sft area, a single-storied home with four bedrooms. Not as large as the estate but one exterior part of the house is surrounded by a citrus grove. It was the last home she bought before her death. At the front doorstep covered by Cursum Perficio tiles, it was written “I have completed my journey”. 

A mix and match of Spanish architectural designs with the interiors of California have made them distinctive and splendid at the same time. 

Frank Sinatra’s Palm Springs Kitchen

Luxurious house present in the remote area with a wonderful gateway adorned with music. The house of Sinatra has three kitchens and nine fireplaces in the three buildings. Beautiful interiors with wooden finishings on the walls and countryside traditional but stylish furniture. 

Widened space with views of mountains and blue sky along with a resort-style pool. This home has a helipad on one of the rooftops, and an outdoor dancing floor for parties. 

Old Hollywood actors had a great choice of lifestyle. Luxurious and historical houses with the finest architecture of their time. The estates and houses remain the magnetic enigma to the luxurious lifestyle seekers.  

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