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Active users of dating sites have no doubt been aware that for a long time these sites developed very slowly. The developers rarely launched radical experiments and preferred not to change what already worked well. Surprisingly, the coronavirus helped to get things moving. There are several reasons for this:

  • Firstly, the audience of dating sites has grown significantly. Millions of people, due to lockdown and other restrictions, lost the opportunity to meet offline and switched to online.
  • Secondly, the old methods of online dating, which focused on quick transition to offline, are no longer relevant. Indeed, people have become accustomed to looking after their health and now prefer to know more about potential matches before meeting in person.
  • Thirdly, people are tired of the huge variety of swipes, likes and messages saying “Hello! How are you?” Users need more interactivity, freedom and the ability to find the perfect match.

This is how the pandemic forced the major dating sites to change, even those who have remained unchanged for years and were in no hurry to follow a path of change. For example, Tinder, Badoo and their rivals.

Tinder Explore and other unexpected innovations among dating services 

Recently, the Tinder developers announced the introduction of the video chat function, and now they have presented another novelty — Tinder Explore. One of the main features of the new tool is a search for users by interest. It makes it easier to find people you have a lot in common with. The categories “Gourmets”, “Gamers”, “Music Lovers” and more are just some of those available.

However, Tinder Explore isn’t just limited to interest-based searches. It’s actually a really major update of the site, including a few more unusual tools: 

  • Tinder Vibes — a unique compatibility system that analyzes user profiles and tries to bring people together with potential matches.
  • Swipe Night — an interactive drama series within the app in which users can decide the fate of heroes and control their actions. Some of your choices will appear on your Tinder profile and be shared with other members.
  • Hot Takes — an online game where you can chat with other Tinder users for a short time, even if you don’t have a match (mutual attraction).

All of this represents a positive trend that other dating sites and apps are actively adopting. But there are nuances. For example, the video chat in Tinder is a paid service. But if you’re not ready to spend money for the opportunity to video chat with interesting people, this option won’t appeal to you. And is there any need to pay when many services offer a similar function for free or at least a great deal cheaper?

Omegle and its alternatives: easy video communication without restrictions

Tinder, as an example, is rather limited in terms of free features and functionality. Only the basic functions are available for free — to take full advantage of Tinder’s capabilities, you still have to buy a premium account. Not surprisingly, users are looking for more cost-effective alternatives.

When it comes to online video chat sites, Omegle comes to mind first. Before it launched, such sites simply did not exist. Plus Omegle has several obvious advantages: 

  1. The platform is completely free and does not require the purchase of a premium account to access all the features.
  2. A language filter is available to users, which partially narrows search scope.
  3. You can search for chat partners by interest simply by adding them to a special field.
  4. A separate section is available for university students, where you can find chat partners from the same educational institution.
  5. Omegle can even be used by adolescents over 13 years old, though only with the permission of their parents and under their supervision.

Of course, Omegle has plenty of disadvantages too. Moderation is rather mediocre, there is no gender filter and no precise location filter. There is also no mobile app, only a web version. And the site itself looks distinctly outdated today. As a result, users are increasingly looking for alternatives to Omegle that can offer more features and convenient tools for finding interesting chat partners. There are more than enough of these today: chatrandom.com, shagle.com, omeglealternative.com, ome.tv, chatspin.com and others. And they offer many more useful features: gender and geographic filters, AR masks, chat rooms by interest, and much more.

Omegle alternatives often combine the functionality of a classic chat roulette and a dating site, allowing you to not rely purely on chance, but to decide which users to connect with. Given how rapidly Internet technologies are developing, very soon these alternatives will reach a whole new level of sophistication. And classic dating sites will certainly continue to implement video chat functions, because the demand for them is so high. Especially if Tinder, which doesn’t often surprise users with new features, has begun to actively change, others will surely follow its example. It’s just a matter of time.

Take advantage of the changing online dating world

We are on the cusp of big changes in the online dating industry. Over the past year alone, the largest dating sites have launched many updated functions. Plus, dozens of exciting new platforms have emerged, including niche sites and dating apps. It’s inevitable that in the near future we’ll see many more unique innovations that will change the dating industry.

In the meantime, we recommend you consider the different options available, explore their functionality and choose what suits you best. And don’t be limited to just one website or app. The more sites you use, the higher your chances of meeting the very person who you want to share your destiny with. We wish you good luck and only the best interactions online!

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