National Doctor’s Day and It’s Importance of Celebration In India

National doctors day

Dr. Bidhan Chandra, a famous physician of India, his death anniversary is honored as National Doctor’s Day. His contribution to his profession and the nation has been unforgettable to the country. Apart from being the freedom fighter, he has been the chief minister of West Bengal. He has been awarded Bharat Ratna for his dedication to the country during the hard times of his countrymen. 

national doctors day

On the 1st of July India celebrates the National Doctor’s day while different parts of the world celebrate on different days of year. The strange part of this particular day of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy is his date of birth and death. Due to his practicing during the time of need for his people, it was in the British Medical Journal he has been called the “first Medical consultant in the subcontinent of India”. A person who worked for the public health along with had taken the responsibility of serving the state for 14 years of tenure as CM. 

Awareness of health in India

This particular day’s initiative has started from 1st July 1991 to develop awareness in people about the contribution of the doctors of India to the society. It has already been 19 years that this National Doctor’s Day is celebrated all over the country. Doctors as professional has always been working to treat people and cure them to survive a healthy life. India has been facing different crisis in various times due to the attacks of diseases at and still fight on it, to prevent and control from life taking diseases.


Leprosy has been one of the ancient diseases that were identified and now the disease is treated. Deadly and still, people are frightened to come in contact with the patients. They are almost separated from the society, but there are dedicated people like Dr. GP Talwar who has been awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1992 for his continuous dedication to treating the disease when preparing its vaccine. 


It has been another life taking, deadly disease and each year several people are infected by the diseases. The treatment has been a major issue over time finally the problem reduced when the drugs are available. The Tuberculosis Association of India is one of the voluntary organizations that established in 1939 works with the TB center of Delhi. The public health department and government are working together to remove Tuberculosis from India.

National Doctor’s Day and It’s Importance in India

Covid-19 widespread and dedication of the doctors 

While the health department takes control over the highest-rated deadly diseases another year is 2019 when the widespread of COVID-19 has led to the death of people in a large margin. The spreading of the diseases has put the lives of the front liners in danger. With the direct contact of the severely ill patients, several doctors have been infected and few lost their lives. While they are at the battlefield battling against coronavirus and working hard to save the life of each infected people, the world was undergoing through the lockdown sessions.

As a gratitude to the warriors on this difficult time a well-known quote from Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy “ If we exert ourselves with determination, no obstacle, however formidable, can stop our progress”. Happy Doctor’s Day!!

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