5 Things To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Earning Less Than You!

Boyfriend Is Earning Less Than You

Money becomes a problem when your boyfriend is earning less than you. You know, ego problems starts arising and, then you feel completely trapped. Like they say- equality is a must in every relationship. But in terms of money, where you’re earning more, things start getting difficult.

Not every relationship is like that, because some men appreciate their women for the work they are doing as well the money they are making. But on the other side, there are men who think their “lady-love should earn less as compared to them”.

Well, in these scenario- Just do these thing if your boyfriend is earning less than you.

  1. Treat him equal

Just because you’re earning more, that doesn’t mean you’ll drag your boyfriend down, right? And also, just because your partner is earning less, that doesn’t mean they’re not working hard.

Don’t treat him bad and respect him for the work he is doing. Well, doing so will make him appreciate you and he won’t feel left out at all.

  1. Do not mix professional and personal life

Try not to bring your professional problems into personal life all-the-time. There are many women who keep talking about their office and salary stuff, but you avoid doing that.

When you’re with him-spend time and make him feel comfortable around you. Shower him with love, because love is what matters the most.

  1. Spend but don’t hurt his feelings

Just because you’re earning more, don’t give money all the time. This will make him feel that “you don’t value his money and hard-work”. Make it simple- if he can’t afford paying some of his bills, have a word and you give the money.

  1. Let them contribute

If your boyfriend is willing to spend on you, then it’s good, let him spend. Don’t keep high expectations or don’t comment badly on the things he is trying to do. Also, whenever you’re out shopping, be proud and tell him to pay some bills.

Just because you earn, don’t remove money from your wallet- he might feel bad.

  1. It is all about the JOB

The place where you both are working matters a lot.

So, if your boyfriend tries to argue, then have sweet-talk, and tell him that, it is all about the industry.

Frankly, some men think it is wrong for their lady-love to earn more money. If he is not respecting you for the work you’re doing, then you better let him go. Because respect matters a lot in a relationship.  

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