Museum Of Failure A Place To Cherish Fails before Wins

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A strange establishment is the “Museum Of Failure”.  The museum possesses about 100 strange products that are excellent in discoveries but are never a success. They were failures but somehow it was great evidence of learnings and knowledge that did not deserve to be ruined or destroyed. It is the reason they are kept in the Museum.

Products in Museum Of Failure

Amazing innovations are preserved from the different parts of the world. Despite being unsuccessful it has been appreciated as one of the best products.

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Innovation may not give success

Failures are not the end of any inventions but they can be considered as a trial during the inventions. Often simple innovations or discoveries are a great success for running a business. Sometimes strong innovations do not work much in giving businesses flying colors. So, through failure, there has always been a ray of success.

The museum of failure shows the projects located at the Hollywood & Highland 6801 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 277 in Hollywood.

Apple Newton

It was released in 1993, personal digital assistant devices were discontinued in 1998. The functioning of the device was on Newton OS. Interesting was the Calligrapher feature present in the device. Later improvements were made in handwriting. Apple Newton has infrared connectivity.

The power options range from 24 hours to 30 hours with the AAA batteries to customized batteries. Due to the inadequate AAA batteries and short lifetimes, there was a decline in production. Writing or text entry errors existed immediately after its launches in the set which was improved later. But it did not gain much popularity in worldwide business. It is still present in the “Museum of Failures”.

My Friend Cayla

An amazing invention is the talking doll “My Friend Cayla”. It is illegal in Germany as they declared this invention as an illegal surveillance device. The interesting part of the doll is it recognizes the speech through the Android or OS app and speaks in return.

The speech recognition technology in the talking doll uses the internet to find out the relevant answers. It was invented by Bob Delprincipe.

Google Glass

Failures sometimes are satisfactory over wins when the discoveries are worth preserving. Another iconic invention was the Google Glass present in the “Museum Of Failures”. A hands-free format optical system similar to eyeglasses. Despite the great convenience of using glass, it was stopped in 2017. As it was facing criticism above all allegations were of violating privacy laws. Users can easily communicate through voice use.

Lobotomy instruments

In 1949 the  Egas Moniz was honored with Nobel Prize for Physiology for his discovery. Was in 1948, Walter Freeman had invented this instrument to replace leucotome with a different procedure to drive the instrument to frontal lobes.

The Museum of failures has several such valuable inventions that remind us about the trials with innovativeness. Nothing was imperfect but still, the excellent inventions were failures. It was a success due to the creations and uniqueness that provided a place in the museum.

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