Black, Most People Like The Extreme Dark

Color black

Color black – Black is the favorite color for almost all individuals, it may be a casual day wear or a dress up for a party wear. Both men and women can use the black color, embraces the color on their body because of its effective match to any skin colors, perhaps you are fair it makes you look gorgeous while in the dark skin it makes your looks no longer less than anyone.

It provides an individual uniqueness to your appearances, it matches with any light or dark color of apparels as tops or trousers. Color Black makes you look attractive.

How is color black in summer?

If anyone asks me to choose an apparel between black and white irrespective of the superstitious beliefs then in hot summer while you have the heat, dust and the tanning sunlight travelling with, I will go for white at one word.

As we all know that the black absorbs all the lights or wavelength of lights and on the contrary does not reflect any light which makes the color dark or so-called “Black”. The color does also absorb heat which the skin or the body can also absorb that results in feeling hot especially in summer that will no doubt make your day uncomfortable.

So, it will always be cleverness if you are avoiding black because of the sweating summer leading to a comfortable day as different colors have variation in the amount of absorbance in the wavelength of light.

Black is unlucky…. Avoid Black an Energy drainer!

According to the orthodox belief, black is a color that resembles evil. Few find it to be unlucky, so if you are wearing black you are calling your bad luck. These are simply unworthy beliefs that you still find in Hinduism.

Entering the temples in black are not allowed in Hindu religion as they find it disrespectful to the idol or god. Since black is dark, no reflection of lights is there it is believed that it absorbs all the energy and does not provide anything good vibes in return. Therefore one should avoid wearing black, this is simply a superstitious belief.

Though black is a dark color but thanks to the modern innovative ideas on fashion to introduce black in different shades and styles. The shades are relative to the gender and the attire that is designed so that people may come out of the monotonous dark black color to something more attractive wears and apparels.

Love and wear different shades of Black….

Color Black color has changed with the combination of different colors added to the no reflective color that has made people fall more the black color.

Different patterns and styles used with the diminishing or increasing shades of black have inspired to wear black. Perhaps you like nothing then black then you will find yourself lucky especially men with their formals for their office use, you will have something new in your wardrobe to wear everyday though they are black.

Wear color black, dressing up is your own choice at your own sense of style and comfort. So you should only know why to wear? And, where to wear? your favourite color Black.

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