Are You Chatting With Your Crush In A Right Way?


Texting is great thing.

It is an easier and best way to come close to your crush. But again texting can also lead to some serious miscommunications as emotions cannot be showcased easily while chatting and sometimes people fall flat after that social faux pas.

Today we have listed some guidelines for chatting with crush.

     1. Don’t reply right away and avoid over texting too!

During chatting with crush it is vital to note that one should not reply to text as soon as it pings. Relax… Do not be desperate. Your crush will think as if you have no life at all, just waiting to reply to the texts. Also reasonable amount of texts are digestible, over texting can irritate anybody and can get you the label of ‘clingy guy or girl’. If the conversation is going well then one can enjoy text incessantly.


  1. Avoid sending texts continuously when your crush doesn’t answer your texts.

While chatting with crush one should not send tonne of texts before getting a single reply. People are get busy and tend to reply late, so do not get tensed and blow up your crush’ cell with texts bombs.


    3. Think before you type and read before you hit the send button.

Read and re read your texts as many a times we make blunders and after hitting that send button it’s next to impossible to delete texts. So make sure you type ‘ their’ for ‘their’ and not ‘there’ and some errors can lead to dangerous miscommunication.


  1. Be funny but again in limits.

Do not put Lol and hahaha after each sentence; this will surely put off your crush. Sometimes it puts an impression that you insecure and do not mean what you said.


  1. Do not use too many emojis.

Emojis are good it helps to showcase your emojis but over doing can annoy your crush.It really looks lame and childish when you send messages which has more emojis and less texts.


  1. Be direct, it’s very necessary.

Do not beat around the bush lot of times, also talking in a weird way that only you can understand is very annoying too. Be direct and talk the way you talk to any other friend.


  1. Don’t be too dumb or don’t act too smart.

Don’t try to be someone else or try to act smart or dumb too. It’s better to be the real you. Faking can ultimately result to breaking up your friendship. So don’t try too hard and show off your side which you are not comfortable at all.


  1. Do not over analyse or think incessantly on your crush’s texts.

Some confusing texts can lead to too much analysis. People sometimes write which we cannot interpret easily or sometimes people tend think over and over again on the same think. It’s better to take things in good spirit, clear out if you have any doubts as assuming things can be a problem.


  1. Do end conversation if it’s dying down.

It’s better to stop the conversation when your crush hardly responds to you. If your crush shows the signs that he or she is not interested in chatting with you then you too should not drag it.


These are some rules that you can follow to avoid making any mistakes while chatting with your crush.

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