Friend Zoning Someone Won’t Take Much Effort If You Use These Ways!

Friend zoning someone

Friend Zoning Someone:- The word “Friend Zone” has been roaring a lot these days.

It is actually counted as breaking a person’s heart by rejecting them. On that basis, have you ever friend-zoned someone? Or is there anyone who friend zoned you? Well, even if you have then it’s quite natural because you can’t force yourself or the other to fall in love.

And, in midst of friend zoning the main question that bothers up is how to friend-zone a person without hurting ‘em. Right?

Or it can also be in this way- You’ve already friend-zoned a person but it’s hard for ‘em to understand it.

So, here are the smart ways to friend zone that person while chit-chatting.

  1. Never stop responding

Act like a friend but do not be too friendly. Are you getting it? Once you find that he or she is completely in love with you then don’t just go on breaking the ties but talk less.

If that person tries to flirt with you then ignore it clearly as doing so will indirectly let the person know that you’re not interested.

  1. Act smart & don’t send signals

I tell you; that person will try to flirt with you and they will do things that will make you fall in their trap. But, be smart and don’t send any flirtatious signals to boost their confidence.

  1. Don’t make unnecessary plans

If you’re sure about not dating that person; then do not dare to make plans. Well, if you do so then you will make it harder on yourself only.

  1. Keep remembering – The JUST FRIEND tag

This is needed a lot to let the person feel that you both can be nothing but just good friends.

In this case, you can pop up your friendship in a way that the person will be forced to think before taking any step.

  1. No romantic behaviours’

Well, you might be comfortable around that person so much that sometimes you even enjoy romantic talks but if you see it’s getting way too serious then it’s time you stop doing it.

  1. Talk about GUYS/GIRLS you’re interested in

This might make ‘em feel a little sad but it is cool. Let that person know you’re attracted towards someone & sum up stories or just make one by stating “I’m single & I’m completely loving my life plus thanks to your friendship…”

If you do so then it will make the person think a lot before taking any lovey-dovey step.

  1. Be Kind & talk about it

If nothing seems to work out from you then take this last step of letting that person know you’re not interested & if it gets worse stop talking to that person. THE END.

Friend zoning someone is not that hard. You have to be calculative and little smar in Friend zoning someone.

Any Thoughts? Do comment below.

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