These Apps Can Automatically Lock The Phone In Emergency Situations!

How to lock unlock cellphone automatically – there are apps that detect specific situations and place the phone on lock mode even without password!

We, as today’s smartphone users, have this annoying habit of checking our phone every time it notifies us of a new call or message.  

Further, most of us have fallen prey to calling or texting unintended contacts in our list in particular situations.

For today’s generation, there are means by which the phone automatically locks itself to avoid emergency or embarrassing situations for the user.

Listed below are apps that enable automatic locking & unlocking of phone in specific situations:

  1. While Driving 

No matter how much we hear about the ill consequences of calling & texting while driving, most of us find it difficult to get rid of this atrocious habit. Considering this weird characteristic of addictive smartphone users, several app programmers have designed apps that detect the user of the phone has started driving, and thus instantly puts the phone on lock mode.

Once the vehicle starts running at 25 mph, the DriveMode app launches itself and starts responding to all incoming calls, messages, & emails, thereby letting the sender know that the owner of the phone will get back to them shortly. Further, to avoid distraction of the driver, the app also disables beeping sounds, and directs all calls to the voicemail.   


  1. When the User is Drunk

These apps help in avoiding situations wherein one accidentally makes a call or sends a text to an unintended person during a state of intoxication. With the DrunkBlocker app, the user can set the time when he is about to start drinking and select numbers which he should avoid calling while drinking. Then there is the DrunkLock app that blocks contacts as well other apps such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and several others. The good part is that the user can make emergency calls even when the DrunkLock is active.


  1. When Kept in Pocket

Almost all of us have a habit of keeping our smartphones in our pocket. If you’re the one of those who forgets to lock the phone before placing it in your trousers pocket, then the Auto Pocket Lock will act as your savior. With an aim to eradicate auto-dialing or auto-texting, this app makes use of the device’s accelerometer & proximity sensors, and locks the handset the moment one keeps it in his pocket. Subsequently, when the user takes out the phone, the app unlocks the device.  


Apart from the above-mentioned apps, there are many other programs that aid in locking the phone automatically, without the owner having to worry about using a pass code or other common means.

Although these apps sound amazing & beneficial, however, the final decision of making use of them will entirely depend upon the user’s requirements & phone usage pattern.  

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