Your Girlfriend Hates PDA And Here’s A Genuine Reason Behind It!

Girlfriend hates PDA

Why Girlfriend hates PDA – No wonder, you love your girlfriend but every time you touch or try to kiss her in public she get’s irritated and angry. Well, that doesn’t mean she dislikes that you’re trying to love her but it’s all because she hates the PDA.

And truly, Public display of affection (PDA) is not something that everyone loves. In fact, many can’t even give a thought about it.

Well, if you’ve experienced it with your lovely girlfriend then just don’t get it in a wrong way by concluding that she simply hates you.

Because it is not about the love but it’s just about the awkwardness that she feels.

Here, check out the reasons why your girlfriend hates PDA:

Girlfriend hates PDA –

  1. She feels uncomfortable

Well, many feels it’s just OK to kiss & stuff but many can’t even do that. And, to be frank there’s nothing wrong about it because if she is feeling uncomfortable then why force anyone. Right?

  1. No attention please

Yes, that is one reason for sure.

She just doesn’t need any attention on the streets full of people where all eyes are starring you both. And, therefore this proves that she is definitely not an attention seeker & that’s absolutely a good thing about her. Don’t you think so?

  1. Don’t want to make other’s uncomfortable

Well, sometimes a girl might be OK with the PDA but then again she thinks a lot about what others might feel & how awkward it might get in there. As I mentioned; there are others who don’t like the idea of doing it freely & your girlfriend understands that doing so might piss ‘em off.

  1. PDA is not important

It can also be a not-so-important thing to do in public. She finds eating and spending time with you more important rather than kissing all over the mouth and so on. Get it? It is just not a significant thing to express in public that you are her world.

  1. Home is the safest place

This one is almost the main reason- Many girls just find it good to do all the lovey-dovey things in private as compared to the silly PDA.

So guys, I hope the next time you probably understand her before getting her avoidance wrong.

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