Alright, Mard Ko Bhi Dard Hota Hai! Unveiling A Guy’s Emotional Side

mard ko dard

Mard ko dard nahi hota is a very common saying. It is mostly expected that if you are a man then you need to possess some supreme skill of never experiencing pain.

No matter what the situation is, a man is considered to be tough and capable of handling the pain without shedding any tears.

Our country has very distinctly separated and restricted some habits on the basis of gender. If you are a man then you are not supposed to cry but don’t men get emotional?

They do but they don’t express in public.

A man who seems to be jolly good all the time is hiding his deep emotional side within. Why do men hide? Well because the society is structured in a way that emotions are looked at as a sign of weakness.

They feel the pain but choose to cry alone. It also becomes a sign of ridicule when a man cries in public. I mean won’t you find it unusual? Have you ever seen a man crying his heart out in public?

Yes we have seen our heroes crying in movies but there is more fascination for men in action.

So when a man gets emotional what does he do? There are certain traits that the strongest of men indulge into for expressing their emotions.

They cry alone. They appear to be tough on the outside but there are times when you would find guys cutting all ties and being aloof. They would tell you they are busy but the reality would be that they are lonely and upset.

They would go for a long drive or might even plan a trip to a far off place say Ladakh. Adventures and treks or may be even long drives or bike rides serve the biggest outlet and most of the ‘tough men’ resort to this option. Traveling alone is their favorite way to live with their emotions.

travel alone

travel alone

They hit a bar. Calling some other guys and getting sloshed is the usual way of relieving emotions.

Men and emotions

Men and emotions

They have sex. This is another option that men adopt to let out their emotions. They relieve the emotions this way.

Instead if a man is mard enough to cry and accept their emotions won’t it be much easier?

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