Living in 21st Century Summed Up

Living in 21st Century

Living in 21st century – Like William Blake has said, “Life delights in life”, every century has its own way of living but life goes on finding delight in little things. Living in 21st century has both virtues and vices.

Virtues because there are technological advances to minimize the human efforts and vices because we exploit fellow humans for our own gain. The world is saturated with tyranny and it’s no longer a good place for the generations to come. But then, what is meant to be will always find its own way. We will live on, our ideas will too. There was a time when did not have a peep out of someone if we lost contact but in the time and age of social media, we are more interested in other’s lives than our own, albeit at the cost of our sanity because we sometimes vie for the life we can’t afford.

Living in 21st century – 21st century has other dimensions of living and here are they:

Living in 21st Century –

Love is free and sex is costly now:

Gone are the days of long and thoughtful conversations. Love is a momentary happiness now than a lifetime of ecstasy. Sadly, it comes with a pricetag, that is a major heartbreak but sex is free. People hook-up, establish physical intimacy and part ways now after meeting in dating apps like Tinder. It appears, they seek sex more than love and most young people run away from commitments.

You feel more pain when losing your phone than losing your virginity:

Virginity is no longer a moral yardstick now because people have more liberated perception towards sex now but losing your phone gives you almost a minor heart attack, especially when it is an iPhone.

If you don’t cheat on your partner, you are not sharp and smart:

Cheating on the partner is the new fad and you have to flirt with others while on a relationship just to prove that you are smart and sharp. Exploiting someone’s trust is the new black.

Your bathroom becomes your photo studio:

People visit the malls and click a thousand selfies in the plush toilets to post in social media. That is how they rule. Well, we live for social media, hence proved.

Your iPhone is synonymous to B.sc Degree:

Youth brag about having valuables a lot and during our time, all hell broke lose even if we asked for a mere desktop computer before passing the board exam. 21st century kids are living quite a life.

People date in temples/churches too:

Temples and churches have become dating points to escape being caught by their parents. Parents would readily give permission to visit temples so lovers made it a point to meet there.

This is what living in 21st Century – Earth has moved on its axis and everything changed from what they used to be

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