6 Reasons Why These Female Tennis Stars Wear Sexy Dresses On Court

Female Tennis Stars Sexy Dresses

Female Tennis Stars Sexy Dresses – Female tennis stars might be lashing out those huge forehands and sending in those high velocity serves but does one know what’s the ‘secret’ behind their heights of success?

Today’s female tennis players are known for their tennis artistry as well as the fashion sense. Even though they might be looking glam and gorgeous off the court, these stars don’t shy away from wearing those mini-dresses on it too! Do you know why?

Well here are 6 reasons why WE feel that these Female Tennis Stars Sexy Dresses are way too sexy.

Attract a male hunk:
One reason behind these female stars sporting such a ‘hot’ look on court could be attracting some of the handsome looking male spectators. So beware you hunks out there! The next time you see a tennis female star having an eye on you in between the match, you might be thanking the stars.

Stir up a controversy:
So if the tennis is not doing the work for them, may be the dress can! If one wants to attract the eyeballs and end up on the front page of a newspaper, surely, this is the way to go!

Buy em’ cheap:
One conspiracy theory that these stars might wear such outfits can be that the dress must be ‘cheap’. Yes, you heard it right! Forget the Nike, Adidas, Puma etc brands; these female players might be buying such skimpy clothes at cheaper rates.

Scorching weather:
Another reason of such ‘short’ clothes on the court could be the searing weather these female stars have to bear. Don’t forget, their match lasts upto 2 hours and also bearing in mind the weather above, these ladies don’t mind going in short and sweet.

Motivational factor:
Perhaps these dresses provide the ideal boost for these players to play well on court. Call it a ‘lucky dress’ or an act of superstition, these female stars just know how to bundle out the opposition across the court.

Crowd favourite..err the dress!
So if the player has worn the dress throughout, perhaps she could be a favourite amongst the audiences. Another reason for the crowd pulling towards the court could be her ‘sexy’ dress rather than the inventive tennis on show.

Female Tennis Stars Sexy Dresses – Finally, coming to a conclusion, we feel that the female tennis players have got more to offer than their mere short dresses. So if tomorrow a certain Maria Sharapova or a Serena Williams enters the court with an ‘eye catching’ outfit apply the above reasons and see!

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