These 5 Alternate Uses For Manure Are Sure To Leave You Nauseated

Manure – Poop interests me, in a way. Does it do the same to you? I don’t believe I am gross; I am only curious.

“Waste products”, as we usually call them, have no use. Or we would like to believe it that way.

Faeces and urine that come out of our body are usually flushed down the toilet, which through the sewage system, meet an ocean or two eventually.

What if I were to tell you that these excrements actually have worthy use? It is true and history is witness to the same.

However, I am not talking just about human excrement; faeces of animals, too, have had great use showing no substance on the planet earth is worthless.

Here are several alternate uses for manure that you should know –

Elephant Poop Used to Make Paper

Elephant poop is used to make paper

It is no secret that poop contains fibres. When it comes to elephant “patties” (yes, I said patties; good luck eating your next Subway Patty), people in Thailand collect them to make paper. The workers collect them, clean, spin, dye and dry them to get the exact outcome. They sell these papers for projects involving elephant preservation and zoos.

Cow Urine as Medicine

Cow urine is used to treat a variety of health ailments

This practice is mainly carried out in India. Drinking cow urine is said to cure people of a wide range of health ailments including high blood pressure and stomach troubles. Even the local medical fraternity uses urine of cows and their dung for research purposes. Cow urine is said to contain high amount of minerals, sodium, iron, sulphur and nitrogen, to name a few.

Asian Palm Civet Poop for Making Coffee

Asian Palm Civet poop can be used to make coffee

Are you aware that the most expensive coffee comes from poop (read Kopi Luwak)? On the Indonesian islands, where coffee is grown, often lives the Asian Palm Civet which loves eating coffee cherries for food. The animal only partially digests the cherries and excretes them. The workers then amass the poop and wash them to sell the coffee beans as Kopi Luwak.

Llama Dung for Clean Water

Llama dung can help produce clean water

Water pollution has caused troubles in many parts around the world. With water being an important component for survival, people have constantly been looking for something to produce clean water. Well, Llama dung is the answer. Llama poop contains a type of bacteria called Desulfovibrio. The chain reaction started by the bacteria guarantees clearing impurities in water.

Crocodile Dung Can Be Used for Makeup

Manure of crocodile can be used as a makeup component

Where crocodiles send chills down the spine of many people, long ago, people used them as a makeup component. Women used the dung to create an illusion of pale skin, in the process covering blemishes. Give your wives and girlfriends this suggestion today and they are sure to come at you with a knife!

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