Miracles Of Meditation

Miracles Of Meditation – Meditation means focusing your mind at one point, object, or subject, this gives really important and strange results. All you need to do is to sit on a clean and pure place and keep the following 5 points in mind

  • Speaking Truth
  • Non-Violence
  • No burglary
  • Celibacy (Brahmacharya)
  • Renunciation

According to Maharishi Patanjali, the meditator should be in a Sukhasan.

Miracles Of Meditation –

Miracles Of Meditation

At the same time, according to the Gita, one should sit on the grass for better result and should also keep the body straight. Yes, for a better result you should always be careful about your body posture while meditating. Then we should have control over our senses and for this, you have to do Pranayam. The process is called retreat.

You should be knowing that where your focus is applied and you feel an internal connection with yourself if it happens with you than you are on a right track of Meditation.

As we know that the mind is very playful. Meditating and focusing it on one place makes our energy blooming and free. At the same time, the great significance of Tripoti has been told for meditation. Significantly, the mind resides with its 64 rays.

Miracles Of Meditation

Be aware that by meditating in the ‘Aagya chakra’ the seeker becomes the benefactor of the whole world and the knower of all scriptures. It gets the speed of up to ‘Unmanie’ (presumptive). If the seeker sees the natural elements such as fog, sun, moon, air, fire, fire, lightning and crystals etc during meditation, then we can consider it as the first stage of success.

Along with this, when the body began to change for the good like you feel light, disease began to disappear, brightness start to appear in the body, you start feeling detachment from the unnecessary luxurious life and an aroma start arising out of your body, it is a clear sign that the first accomplishment of your meditation is achieved.

The light of the burning lamp is often described everywhere. The meditating person first experience the light of the burning lamp and then the rising sunlight.

Miracles Of Meditation

At the same time, there can be no better option than meditation to become more focused and precise in life. If you sit in meditation in solitude, the mind starts wandering here and there. And meditation helps us keep a check on our mind. And we can easily control all our senses. Whenever we get involved in some work, then our mind stop wandering. Meditation gives you an opportunity to check your mind. Here you can also do few activities with your mind like just sit and observe where your mind wanders and write the major things that you observe, I am sure you’ll find the most interesting facts about yourself.

Miracles of meditation – God resides in us, in our heart. When the heart itself is impure and full of negativity, how can we see the eternal light outside? Always remember that the concentration of the mind is needed in everything.

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