Lose Weight Avoid Overeating While You Are Stressed


Lose weight when excessive stress may sometimes stimulate overeating. It is a stage of your mind that you are not aware that you are eating too much. Often tension of examinations for students and work stress, unknowingly they start eating more, maybe at small intervals. Unaware, that the intake of calories has increased accordingly their body weight.

Stress can occur due to any change in the situation or atmosphere. An effect on the mental health of the people, different ages has distinctive reasons to feel stressed. Did you know that a kid can be facing a stressful environment? The mind can undergo under the condition of pressure with build-up confusions and pressure halt. Thinking about how to do it? What to do? And, how can we do?


Now while we are in the lock down phase most of us are feeling stressed, it may be for any reason or maybe no reason. Hereby these ways or ideas can help to overcome stress:



One of the best ways to overcome miserable thoughts that forces you to overeat is to perform the exercises. Situations may come when regular and on-time exercise cannot be possible, as your mind does not want. So, do when you like or you want but you should try to exercise or meditate regularly to revive freshness and improvise mental health. 

Meditation and yoga are traditional ways to gain relief against mental illness. Yoga poses such as Ananda Balasana, Uttanasana, Balasana, and Paschimottanasana that can be performed daily to remove stress. 

Discuss, if you are stressed: Often the best medicine to fight with your mental illness is to speak your heart out. It can be your parents or your friends, even husband and wife should speak about the reason they are feeling stressed. 

Instead of overeating and gaining weight, it is best to talk to someone. It will help to lose weight as you are sure not to eat excessively.

juices-hydrated-lose weight

Drink and Stay Hydrated: Often you lose weight by maintaining a strong diet chart, it is important to concentrate while you are eating. You should always be aware of the time you are eating, more than three to four times of large appetite bites is not normal of hunger. Being conscious of when you are feeling are hungry and when you are feeling like eating. Drinking fruit juices with ice cubes can make you feel better. Above all, you will stay hydrated at home.

Stay busy, do your daily work and activities: While you are stressed it does not mean that all the work you have to do is excused. All your regular tasks and work are necessary to complete and sitting idle with intense value to stress will no longer help to fight mental illness. 

Lose weight with effective control of diet and maintaining healthy practices. Encourage yourself to eat nutritious food with control of frequent bites. Know and understand your weakness if you are in stress. All of us do not eat too much while they are in stress but no interest in work or activity are signs of stress and only food intake will defy your normal weight. Developing a healthy mind to take control of yourself and lead instead of your mind controlling you. 

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