How to Look Beautiful and Oh-So-Hot in 15 Easy Steps

Look Beautiful

How to Look Beautiful – Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, they say.

Physical beauty is not the most important aspect of your personality but it is something that helps you register a good impression when you meet somebody for the first time. It is important to look after yourself and groom yourself well on a regular basis. You could follow the latest trends in fashion but must have your own individualistic style. You need not be overtly conscious to look beautiful but at the same time being a shabby person will not take you anywhere in life.

Here are 15 easy steps that tell you how to look beautiful and oh-so-hot.

How to Look Beautiful –

  1. Smile

A confident smile is the best attire one could wear.  A good smile helps you in inspiring trust and confidence in a person you are having a conversation with. Do not fake a smile. If you feel happy and positive from within, it will reflect in your smile.

Look Beautiful

  1. Body language

A confident and assuring body language is something very few people possess. The way you walk and carry yourself in public helps people around you to determine whether you are a confident person or not. Some people, though confident and sure of themselves, do not understand the importance of having a good body language.

  1. Wear it right

Your clothes define your personality. Wearing the right attire for the right occasion helps in registering a good impression. If you are not great at piking clothes for yourself, ask a friend to help you out in styling yourself. You must wear something that suits your body type and are comfortable in.

Look Beautiful

  1. Get a good night’s sleep

In today’s day and age, where there is immense work pressure and several other responsibilities to shoulder, we often end up cutting down on sleep. Sleeping and taking proper rest is very important for a healthy life. If you do not getadequate sleep, it will reflect in your personal and professional life as you will not able to focus on anything. Eventually, your health will also suffer.

Look Beautiful

  1. Smell good

Apart from the way you look and what you are wearing, something that is going to get you instant attention from the opposite sex is the way you smell. Investing in good cologne is very important. If you are travelling or are working in office for long hours, you must carry a small bottle of deodorant or perfume with you. You must never let bad odour kill your charm.

  1. Wear bright colours

Wearing overtly bright colours could make you come across as a tacky person. Having said that, adding a dash of brightness to your clothes could help you get some eyeballs. Of course, you must keep the occasion in mind when you opt for bright colours. If it is a housewarming party or a night-out with your friends, wearing bright colours would be a good option.

  1. Hit the gym

Gone are the days when people were okay with their partners being slightly on the heavier side. Now, everybody expects their partner to be fit and healthy. A good physique makes you look good and in turn, gives you the confidence to approach a person confidently. It also gives the impression that you are conscious about your health and lead a disciplined life.

Look Beautiful

  1. Express yourself

If you are an introvert and prefer keeping your feelings to yourself, you need to change that about yourself. People usually take a liking to those who are expressive and have no qualms in sharing their feelings and emotions with people around them. You can chose to keep a few things to yourself but if you remain overly guarded and secretive, people around you would not like to make your acquaintance.

Look Beautiful

  1. Let your eyes do the talking

Your eyes are the best tool to express yourself. You can convey a lot of things just through the movement of your eyes. Eve before you speak, your eyes can indicate your state of mind to the person you are with. Once you master the art of expressing yourself through your eyes, you can manage to convey a lot in lesser words.

Look Beautiful

  1. Hair

There is a reason why people invest so much in changing hairstyles, colouring their hair etc. Even if you are dressed well and are in the best of shape, if your hair is in bad shape it can ruin things for you. Unkempt or dishevelled hair will give people the impression that you are a lazy or indifferent person. You need to make sure that your hair is properly trimmed and has been styled well at all times.

Look Beautiful

  1. Look after your face

You might not be a conventionally handsome man or a naturally beautiful woman. Do not let that deter your confidence. The only thing you need to take care of is protect your facial skin from getting affected by blisters, pimples etc. You must use good products that help you keep your face well-protected from these things.

  1. Being positive

When you are a positive person, you tend to see everything in a positive light. This also results in people reacting to you in a favourable manner. You positive energy is bound to rub off on people in your vicinity. Being a happy and positive person helps you make friends easily.

Look Beautiful

  1. Act friendly

You cannot expect people to talk to you if you are not warm and friendly tothem. If you wish to make friends or too ask somebody out, you have to come across as a warm and friendly person to them.  If you assure them you are a good person to be around, they will automatically get attracted towards you.

Look Beautiful

  1. Shakehands firmly

Shaking hands is the most common way of greeting somebody. The way you shake your hands tells a lot about you as a person. You must be firm while shaking somebody’s hands. It would imply that you are a confident person and are pleased to meet them.

Look Beautiful

  1. Wear your confidence on your sleeve

Be confident and flaunt it. Whenever everything else fails, your ability to project to yourself as a confident person comes to your rescue. People prefer hanging out with a confident person over somebody who is not sure about himself or does not how to conduct himself well in front of others.

These are the ways to look Beautiful – The world is kinder to people who are beautiful. By beautiful, one does not mean you have to be physically atractive. You just need to groom yourself well and be confident. That will lead to a lot of things falling in place fo you.

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