6 Mind Blowing Facts About Bhutan That Will Inspire You To Visit The Country

Mind-blowing facts about Bhutan

Mind-blowing facts about Bhutan – Enshrouded temples into mountains are enough to conjure the image of Bhutan.

The tiny country Bhutan is located in the region of South-Asia. The majestic view offered there can pull anyone to have a visit and feel like relocating. But you cannot give all the credits to the destinations as there are many other mind-blowing facts about Bhutan that too will inspire you to visit the country.

Mind-blowing facts about Bhutan – 

  1. GNH Instead Of GDP

Bhutan does not use the GDP as their economic index, rather they measure overall ‘health’ on the basis of four parameters sustainable development, environmental protection, cultural preservation, and good governance, which they call ‘Gross National Happiness’ or GNH.

  1. Only Carbon Sink Country In The World

Being a carbon sink country means that it absorbs over 6 million tons of carbon annually while only producing 1.5 million tons. Where every country is fighting against climate change in their own way but its only Bhutan that is officially a carbon negative country.

  1. Colorful Flags

Colorful flags are a part of Bhutani culture. Those flags are originated from Buddhism. People generally use them for prayer and as a sign of good-will. These flags are being used in several countries for decoration.

  1. Free Education & Healthcare

Bhutan is one of the noblest countries that provides free education and healthcare to every citizen.Well, the citizens there are truly blessed with the best.

  1. Nestled Temples

One of the most beautiful thing in Bhutan is the nestled temples that enhance the beauty of Bhutan. Those temples fascinate tourists.

  1. Thimphu The Traffic Signal Free Capital Of Bhutan

Being the national capital of country, Thimphu is supposed to have the heaviest traffic but the amazing part is that in the national capital of Bhutan you will not find any traffic signal. In 1995, traffic lights were installed as a pilot test to perceive the needs on the ground, but most failed to follow. And today Bhutan is one of the National capitals of the world that has no traffic signal.

  1. Gangkhar Puensum: A Virgin Peak

The Gangkhar Puensum Mountain is to be claimed as one of the highest unclimbed mountains in the world. This is the highest peak of Bhutan and 40th highest in the world. If you love mountaineering then Gangkhar Puensum will be the greatest inspiration for you to visit the country.

These are mind-blowing facts about Bhutan – A small country yet something where you will experience the beauty of nature and culture. Bhutan is worthy enough to add in the list of your dream destinations.

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