Learn About Sleep Paralysis May Be You Don’t Realize

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Sleep Paralysis is a condition in which a person is not able to move or speak in deep sleep. There can be many reasons that a person may suffer from it. Irrespective of age the problem can arise that they are unable to know. At least once in a life, people have to face this kind of issue.

It is a condition in which a person is conscious but was not able to move their body parts or speak. Hereby, making out the difference between wakefulness and sleeping conditions for a few seconds is difficult.

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When does the Sleep Paralysis take place?

The stage of REM is responsible for Sleep Paralysis. Dreaming at night while deep asleep is an experience of Rapid Eye movement. The brain with the muscles and other parts undergoes can hardly relax. It is when the process restricts a person from reacting or acting to the dreams. As it can lead a person to unconsciously hurt or mislead. Often there are cases of accidents or injuries if a person starts interacting with their dreams.

Sensory hallucination is one of the major issues that a person faces under the condition of paralysis. You can breathe, understand and realize whatever is going around. Often people may be hallucinating, that is realizing some facts that are not real. Reacting to such an environment can be harmful to both mental and physical health.

It can cause fear and hesitation when anyone undergoes such a condition. On continuous occurrence, it can increase the cause of other diseases.

Causes that increases or causes the problems

Several reasons are causes of sleep paralysis. Stress and too many workloads, any kinds of pressure to the brain, including sleep-depriving are responsible. Sometimes improper position on bed or sitting can make any hallucinate. Medicines or prolonged treatment for any disease also gives such kind of experiences.

Though all age people can have to face an episode at older age people are mostly inclined to suffer often from sleep paralysis.

With proper sleep, and removal of stress one can easily avoid these issues. Anxieties are natural in humans but at extremes give rise to sleeping disorders. Narcolepsy is a rare disorder but those who have it can feel the fear. They are most prone to suffer from drowsiness throughout the day, also can have some attacks while in sleep.

Hallucination, sleep disruption and sleep paralysis is part of the symptoms. Some may be aware of it but most people do not care about it once they are out of bed. Each session may last till 20 seconds, during it they can move their fingers and legs. The disability to move gives them the feeling of fear, it can lead them to feel the pressure.

Just because it causes no severe health problem it is not a matter to fear or worry about. Every individual faces it at once in life, and they have felt the fast heartbeats due to fear which they forgot the next morning.

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