5 Powerful Reasons to Love Your Enemies

Enemies are the ones who gloat over our miseries. They derive guilty pleasure from letting us down or backstabbing. They can go to any extend to chip away at our image. The worst kinds of enemies are those who hide under a mask. They are the Meethi-Chhruris whose words hit us arrow like. People who are toxic, can harm others effortlessly but the great philosophers have always taught us to be tolerant towards your enemies. Hindu visionary and the shrewd kingmaker Chanakya once said that the intelligent never has enemies because he knows his strength and others’ weaknesses. This brings back the memories of The Godfather, Keep your friends close but enemies closer“.

Now, if you asked us to give you the legit reasons to keep your enemies closer or love them, at least pretend to do so, below are what we have to say:

Loving your enemies can help you manage your anger:

Mastering the skill of managing your anger is half the battle won for a peaceful life. Your enemies are the only ones who bring out the worst in you and leave you trembling with anger. Now, instead of hurling edgy retorts or swearing vengeance, you can just calm down your rushing emotions right then. It will be difficult initially, but you will be amazed at the level of self-control that you acquire over time.

Look at it as a great opportunity for a healthy competition:

You can’t deny that your enemies help to harness the competitor in you. They are the adversaries, when faced with, brings out your fighter spirit. You strive to emerge victorious and work hard to defeat fear. Your enemies give you motivation in disguise. You need to also remember that your mental balance is key to win any battle. You can’t be the worse version of yourself and plague your morals in the bargain.

Their jibes push you to do better:

You must know that you are likely to draw negative comments from people when you are doing good. Naysayers are jealous of your perseverance because if frightens them. If you are strong enough, you can prove everyone wrong by proving everyone wrong. When you hear something nasty or low-key from them, you start evaluating yourself which helps you to become the better version of yourself.

Enemies are potent to be the most powerful allies:

When you make peace with your enemies or interact with them, you have succeeded to establish a common ground. Your enemies can eventually be your great friend because you know each other’s weak nerves. Of course, it helps you to remain strong and work with people in the long run.

It helps you realize positivity:

Positivity is the glimmering light that shines through multitudes of negativities. It also helps you acknowledge (not take for granted)the good things that you are blessed with in your life. When you are excessively concerned with your enemies, you tend to lose focus from your positives. Look around, there is a lot of positivity in the world. Of course, you gasp for positivity because you are bedeviled by negatives thus far.

So, go ahead and mend that fractured relationship with your enemies. Because, if you can’t beat them, join them!


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