Inventor Of Pani Puri Is Draupadi! Truth Or Myth?

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Pani puri is one of the favorite snakes for Indians. Every corner of the streets has stalled, they sell to hundreds of people. Tangy, crispy blended with spice, altogether it can be customized as per the tastes. Sellers earn thousands a day while people young and old enjoy eating in almost every part of the country. Millions of years old recipes remain a mystery. Who discovered pain puri? According to mythology, it is said that Draupadi invented it.

Did Draupadi invent pani-puri? – Banjaran Foodie

History of Pani puri and Draupadi

The Indian food discoveries hide various stories. So, does the pain puri, it is believed to be an instant preparation by Draupadi. Her tangy, stuffed potato, snacks are easily available products at home. One can find it and make it at cheap prices.
It is the reason the pain puri is cheap, and one of the best ways to get rid of hunger. Mostly due to the presence of potatoes with different spices stuffed in puri. Though small crispy bites but stays for long hours.

The invention was initiated with the leftover food items in the Pandavas’ kitchen. When her mother-in-law asked her to make an innovative dish out of the leftover food. It is the mythological fact that describes the use of the food leftover and its uses that is still favorable in the modern age.
Kunti, the mother-in-law gave her the task of making a new item that can be prepared from the potatoes and the dough. Finding out a unique meal was difficult for the Pandavas but Draupadi accepted the challenge.
It was then, with the dough she prepared the puris while the potatoes were stuffed in. Served with the tanginess of lemon and tamarind with other add-ons were also the specialty.
Kunti was mesmerized by the flavor of the newly made dish. She blessed Draupadi with the blessings of the pain puri’s immortality.
It may be one of the reasons that despite many continental and international dishes inventions. None can compete with the uniqueness of Pani puri.

Where was it invented? Its different names?

The panipuri was invented in Bihar, at ancient Magadha. It is also another reason that Biharis are mostly seen to carry out the business effectively compared to other people. They are seen to sell it in different flavors in different corners of India.
As the state and places change the name and flavor change. But the main sources of ingredients are the same. In some states, it is called Golgappa while some know it as Phuchka. The tastes range from sweet, to spicy and tangy. Dahi Puchka or pani phuchka with addition of herbs also improves the tastes.

There are many customizations on the snack items, but still, it remains at the core of the heart. Also famous as water balls have been a historical invention. There are popular stores that have their customized form which makes their shops famous and busy.
There are popular stores that have customized forms that make their shops famous and busy. The popularity of cities is also categorized by the availability of the top and delicious water balls.

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