Hey Girl, Do You Think You Are looking Good In Those Bones? No, You Are Not!

How to get healthy and look beautiful – Blindly running after the idea of being skinny is catching the frenzy of today’s youth. This is not a healthy way to look good. In fact, it does not make anyone look pleasant even.

Hey, is my collar bone showing?

Oh, my thighs look fat, right?

Oh, how do I get that bikini bridge?

Well, these seem to be the questions, making the rounds in the minds and lips of almost all the young divas today. It won’t be wrong to say that fitness has taken a different meaning altogether when it comes to fashion hungry youth, running mindlessly after the perceptions created by the glamour world and digital media.

Thigh gaps, bikini bridges and the prominent collar bones are the calls of the first order.

Not to forget that the mushrooming of so called “fitness websites” and “facebook pages” displaying the alluring pictures of celebs with such features, has a lot to do with this madness.

Little does the aspiring youth tries to understand that the pictures are always PHOTOSHOPPED.

How is that you cannot see the evident trap you are falling for.

Blindly following the unhealthy trends just to look like what the media is projecting, is not at all a good idea.

The Collar Bone: Oh So Prominent! 


Well, this definitely has to be the first and the most popular one on our list. An Increasing number of young women think it is okay to try to have prominent collar bones, as they think it is sexy. Well of course, some women have it naturally irrespective of their weight, but for those who don’t, it has become some kind of fitness goal. Protruding collar bones are something that women find quite sensuous, for quite a long time, even before social media took over our lives. It has only become more infamous today with several teenage girls aping models and harming their bodies.

If you do not have that sharp bone structure, you cannot have a protruding collar bone, no matter you run 100 miles a day or you starve yourself to death.


Get An Eye For That Gap In The Thigh!


No! A thigh gap is not always real. The pictures are most of the time fake or photoshopped. It is disappointing to how it is trending big-time on social sites and teen girls are running choked after it, just because they want to look desirable! It gained momentum through sites like Tumbler on which it began trending under the ITG or inner thigh gap tags. Cara Delevinge, a 21-year-old supermodel, is believed to be the inspiration behind this crazy trend. There are also several Twitter accounts that are dedicated to Delevinge’s thigh gap which shockingly have thousands of followers, most of whom are vulnerable teenage girls. And guess what? They are starving themselves to death and following almost every diet and workout routine to achieve those gapped thighs! How silly one can be?

Can A Thigh Gap Be Attained By Anyone?

The answer is no! A person’s genes determine hip and bone structure, thus making it impossible to make the pelvic girdle wider or narrower even through intense workouts. Women with wide hips have a chance of having that gap between their thighs, but that too is just a chance! You cannot workout and follow crazy diets and expect them to do what your genes could not either. Apply your brains too,  with all the crazy ideas!


Now This One Is The Most Desirable Bridge To Be Built! 


A bikini bridge is the hollow space that is created between a person’s bikini bottom and hip bones when lying down. Started off as an internet hoax, the bikini bridge has somehow found its way into the wish lists of thousands of young girls across the nation. Photoshopped and fake pictures being shared on Instagram and other social sites do a lot of harm and young girls start to run after this unhealthy trend just to fit into the GenX stream.

Can You Achieve A Bikini Bridge?

No, you cannot. Not by simply starving yourself or indulging in all sorts of wrong exercises, thinking that it will help you get rid of that extra flesh around your waist. Many pseudo health experts and lifestyle clinics are minting money just by spreading the fads about making a bikini bridge achievable by diets, workouts and the last but the most stupid resort of going under the knife.


Where exactly are we going with these BONY (read PHONY) ASPIRATIONS?


We are not denying the fact that women are extremely conscious about their bodies and they try to bring the hell down to get that yummy body which is splashed all over the screens, just to allure them. This is the reason unhealthy notions such as bikini bridges, thigh gaps and prominent collar bones are becoming the lead stars on the fitness goal calendars of young girls. A perfect body has an altered meaning now.

But the fact remains that a HEALTHY BODY is not what LOOKS SKINNY! It is rather a body that is free of physical ailments, looks presentable, is full of energy and enthusiasm, and is bubbling with life.

Stop subjecting yourself to physical and mental agony in the quest to achieve what is most unhealthy for you.

Let us undertake a responsible feat to stop spreading such trends on social media and talk about things that promote health and happiness and not just appearances.

Let us try and make our women feel proud of what they have and how beautiful they look the way they are.

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